Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

This little guy was soooo excited for Valentine's Day this year- he wanted to "hurry up and go to sleep" so he could wake up and it would be Valentine's Day (unheard of- wanting to go to sleep! Can everyday be Valentine's Day??). He was so excited to pass out his V day cards to all his friends. He had sooo much fun picking out each Valentine for his buddies, writing his name and deciding which candy went with it. He carried the bag around for 2 days before. Levi just like eating as much candy as he could. :)

This was also the weekend that Dallin and Amy moved back up to Utah!!! They were sooo excited to be moving back to Logan and back to what their previous life used to be. Dallin will go back to working at the sheep farm and start school in the fall! This is such a big step for them! It was also fun to see Baby Clay again and for my boys to meet him. Dallin and Amy hadn't met Shad yet either. We had a big lunch with Devin and Teddi too. 

It was so funny- Clay moved his head over and felt "flesh" and immediately started sucking. Then Shad felt it and turned and they were smacking on each other. :)

These guys are exactly 3 weeks apart- they were both born on a Tuesday. 

I like Clay's face in this one :)

Levi had been crying right before this pic- that's why his face is all red. I promised him candy if he'd sit up and take a picture with the babies- works every time with this kid!

Amy's such a good little momma!!!

The whole gang- can't wait for Devin and Teddi's baby to be born around April 4th!! (Levi was taking a nap). 

Ty has become the pacifier expert.

Both babies were rooting and trying to latch on- hahaha!

Levi comes up about 20x a day (seriously) and says, "Hi Bebe!" and then wants to hold him. 


(Yes, he needed a haircut really bad this night). We made a giant Valentine's Day cookie for our family night treat on our messy kitchen table. Again, Ty was so excited for this holiday- I'm not completely sure why the fascination with it. :)

Oh the days where we all could fit into the sink.....

3 weeks old

For our actual Valentine's Day, we didn't go anywhere or do anything too great but it was so nice and relaxing. TJ was able to come home early and be here for our lunch with Dallin and Amy so that was a treat in and of itself. That night we made the BEST dessert ever- it was soooo good- Red Velvet Cake Pazookie with Vanilla Bean ice cream (half baked cookie). Pinterest came through quite nicely on this one!! 

Overall it was a great little Valentine's Day! TJ sent me a little bamboo heart plant because I told him I didn't want anything and especially not flowers (no point when I'm just at home and they die anyways). His note was so cute because he said, "These are not flowers. Let me explain. Did you know that bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world? Did you know that my love for you grows faster than bamboo? That's right, babe! I love you!"

It was adorable. :)

Tara sent me a box of white chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements.  She sent them on Wednesday because it was free shipping!  I almost loved that she was thinking how to save money more than the strawberries themselves.  They were so good and it was fun to get them at work too.  It was nice to get them on Wednesday when I do not have school so I could bring them home and share them with Tara and boys.

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