Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life with Three

Levi was so proud to match with Shadie Boy. Good thing he's a shrimp and can still fit into 24 month outfits. :)

He has a thing about Shad's nose too...

Shad is starting to be a little more alert and getting that old man look to him :) 

Some things I'm learning about him: he LOVES the carseat and driving definitely lulls him to sleep- which is a good thing since this little guy gets hauled all over the place already with his brothers. I'm trying to keep him away from public places and at home as much as possible due to respiratory season (I worry about whopping cough and RSV) but there's just some things I can't avoid and poor kid has to come along. Guess that's what happens when you aren't the oldest :) He hates having his diaper changed which is the only time he really cries. He sleeps fairly well for a newborn- much better than my last two- and is very calm, chill and patient.

Yesterday he had his two week appointment and circumcision, poor little man. He did great though, especially with the sucrose (sugar water :)

At 2 weeks: 7 lbs, 9 oz (20%)
20.5 inches long (49%)
35.7 head circ (48%)

We did a week of free swimming lessons that his teachers offer during the winter to help them retain skills. Not the best timing but I couldn't pass them up for free! As an AZ girl, it seems crazy to me to put on your swimming suit with snow outside on the ground but these boys LOVE going and did really well. It was worth the effort even though I had to be super organized to get out the door at 7:20 am and go directly to preschool and doctor's appointments/meetings after.

Shad did so well at swimming- just hung out and didn't make a sound.
They are always so proud of the stamps they get after their lessons are over. :) 

Oh, the things kids do while Mom is nursing and can't do anything....

I've realized my life is going to be filled with lots of wrestling, hee-yas and yelling for many years now. The boys are suddenly very into Power Rangers, Transformers and Avengers lately (because of Netflix- we don't have TV. I'm missing Disney Junior!!!) thus my days are filled with lots of hee-yahs and play fighting. I would've never thought my kids would be playing Power Rangers- I remember playing it on the playground in elementary school and I was always Kimberly, the pink ranger. My brothers and I would play it on the trampoline at home as well and Devin was always green or red ranger (same as Ty) and Dallin was blue or whoever Devin told him to be (same as Levi). Life has a funny way of repeating itself. I sometimes feel like I'm raising a Devin and Dallin all over again :) 

Levi likes to lick Shad like a puppy- obviously, Shad isn't exactly fond of being licked :)
Ty is into making funny faces and then wants to see what he looks like on the iPhone. That explains the facial expressions in all the pictures. 

Shad is usually so content just to lay there and hang out while his brothers go crazy all around him. However, the other day I walked into the bedroom to see the boys sharing a smartie candy with him- in his mouth!!! Needless to say I'm watching him a little more careful so his brothers don't kill him with their love :)

How Levi sleeps during his naps... so comfy. 

In all seriousness though, I love having three kids. I literally am grateful every single day that Levi came so close after Ty and that they have each other. I know that's the reason this transition from two to three hasn't been bad. I'm also so grateful Shad came when he did and not sooner (like in August, my miscarriage pregnancy due date), like I had wanted and planned. Heavenly Father knew what He was doing and knew what a drastic difference a few months would make. Love my boys!!

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