Friday, February 21, 2014


Ty's language is "exploding" in the words of all his teachers- it's amazing! I love hearing what's going on in his little brain that finally has a way out! He startles me with the things he can remember and recall from a long time ago as well as the words he uses- words I didn't know he knew (like Perfect! and Delicious!). We really do have to be careful what we say now because he really does remember EVERYTHING! And we're talking sentences here, people- not just words! It's amazing.

This was a conversation we had today as we were driving to school- a CONVERSATION! We are just starting to have these things- never thought it was possible.

Ty: I saw kids going back home!
Mom: Oh yeah, what do you think they were going back home for?
Ty: To eat breakfast.
Mom: Oh that's a good thing to do. What do you think they were eating for breakfast? 
Ty: Pie.
Mom: Oh really? Do you like pie?
Ty: Yes.
Mom: What kind of pie do you like?
Ty: The kind you eat with your mouth.

Oh, of course. What a silly question. 
But besides the fact that he's never even touched any kind of pie with his finger without gagging, this is huge for us! I was very proud of him and the progress he is rapidly making. I know this is something so small and insignificant and most kids his age have been doing this for one or two years but around here, we celebrate the small stuff!! 

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Jen Perkins said...

That's awesome!!! I want to eat pie for breakfast...