Saturday, January 25, 2014


Shad and I had lots of visitors during our stay! We felt so loved and supported!!

TJ's sister Ginger

Since it was the middle of the week Ty still had preschool but he came before and after each day. He was very excited to wear his Big Brother shirt to school. 

Levi was around a lot and loved to snuggle with me while watching Disney channel. It really was so nice to just lay there and not do anything for hours, snuggling my boys. I felt awesome too- no pain and no pain meds the entire time.

Teddi and my nephew Lawson

Devin teasing Ty and Ruth, TJ's mom

These three boys love to play and goof around!! This picture is a first of it's kind- all three boys looking and smiling!! Miracle!!

Devin and Teddi are due April 4 with the next little Wengert cousin! I'm still hoping for a girl soooo bad!!

Parker :)

My cousin Sheila and Kyle

Levi made himself right at home :)

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