Friday, January 31, 2014

Vacation Over

My mom has been here since Monday and man, what a treat that was! We finally planned this right- having her come a few days after I came home from the hospital!! I felt so spoiled- like I was on vacation. She took Ty to school everyday and picked him up with Levi right beside her every second. This entire week all I had to do was basically, just take care of Shad- it was awesome! Plus, newborns sleep so much (except at night, haha). We slept in everyday, oblivious to the noise and chaos around us! :) Plus, she packed more toys, games and activities in her little carry on suitcase than clothes. She was always pulling out fun stuff to do with the boys and they were in heaven. She took them to play places and would climb up into the actual slides and play with them, haha. She's such a good grandma to them- I'm so thankful for her!!

My Uncle Kenny came by to meet the baby. He's such a great uncle to me and always a treat to see him. 
Ty needs a haircut...

Well, one week old! So far he seems to be a really good baby- easy, calm and for the most part, eats and goes back to sleep and not bothered by noise. We'll see how long that all lasts but so far I'm feeling pretty okay with three kiddos. The transition was much harder going to two kids so far...... hope I didn't just jinx myself. We'll see how the next few weeks go as real life shifts back into normal. I'm also relieved that Ty and Levi could not be any sweeter to him. :)

Love baby yawns!

So needless to say, we had a great first week and a half! Not only did I have a live-in maid and nanny but the guy who rear-ended me a few days before Shad was born finally cooperated and gave us his insurance info so we could fix our van. Yahoo! I also got tons of other things done with my mom here, survived the milk-coming-in-awfulness, and really feel like I'm already conditioned for sleepless nights from working night shift. But the BEST thing of all- today is my due date!!!
HAPPY DUE DATE TO ME!! Sooooo happy he's here and out of me and TEN DAYS OLD! Life is good!  

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