Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This little guy started Sunbeams at church the beginning of the year! Sunbeams means that he goes with the older kids (3-11 years old) instead of the nursery (18 mo- 3 years) where they have snacks and basically play with toys the whole time- baby stuff, Ty says. Now he has lessons, singing time, folding arms and being reverent- you know, big kid stuff! He's sooo excited to go and loves taking his new scripture bag to church with him and is always talking about the "big kids class."

Nickname: Ty Ty
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Movie: The Croods & Monsters University
Favorite Food: Milk

I was a little worried for how he'd do and expressed my concerns to his teachers. They've been giving me feedback since December as to how he's done so far and, to be honest, he actually does better than all the other kids in the class, just because he does this same thing (sit in a chair, be quiet, follow directions, listen to the teacher) every single day and has been for a year and a half! I went and observed in the back the first Sunday and all the 3 year old kids were walking around, standing on their chairs, talking, etc. and Ty was sitting there in his chair with his arms folded. I was very surprised yet it made perfect sense. He's been trained already and knows what to do. I was proud of him and glad that there's a few things in this world that are EASY for him. :) He deserves a break at times. 

Love these boys and this picture makes me wonder what will this next baby look like? These two are sooo different in every way possible....

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