Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phone Pics

Last Saturday TJ and I had a fabulous last date night before the baby comes- we went to the temple and did some work for our own family names, used our gift card to Olive Garden- it was delicious by the way, not sure if it was the pregnancy or not but I'm in love with Eggplant Parmesan (weird, I know)- and then went and saw The Saratov Approach with Ginger and Curtiss. It's the movie about the two missionaries in Russia who got kidnapped and held for random back in 1998. Kinda hits home when TJ and I have three siblings total out serving in foreign countries! But it was good, I liked it. 

Afterwards we picked up the boys and had (maybe) our last family outing as a family of FOUR! The boys wanted green and orange ice cream (favorite colors of course) from their favorite ice cream place- Baskin Robbins. The reason this could be our last is because either I'll have the baby this coming up weekend or I work it all. I think we all know what I'd choose if I had the choice..... fingers crossed!!

I love how this kid always wears his hat to the side like this. 

Some books are just too scary.

Sometimes you love your brother so much he spits out his food on your arm....

My Aunt Lisa came to town to bring my cousin, Kimberly, back to BYU after she just returned from the Salt Lake City East (I think...) Mission, Spanish speaking! She took us all out to eat at Brick Oven. 

The twins, Kimberly and Melissa, are always so good to my boys. At the end, Kimberly was sitting on the floor playing sock puppets with them- she's awesome!

For some reason these two thought each other were so funny and kept loving on each other??

It's so fun to be close to my mom's family since we weren't all growing up. I love how often we all get together. 

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