Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meeting Little Brother

These boys were very excited to meet the new baby and seemed to understand he was out of my belly and they could hold him now. Ty did keep asking how he got out of my belly....

They were so sweet with him- not a second of hesitation or jealousy or being scared. I hope it lasts!!

Levi- 2.5 years old and Ty- 3.5 years old

Not sure why but Levi wouldn't put his arm down away from his face!!

They were very proud of their shirts and kept showing them off. That's how Levi got the string cheese in his hand from the nurses. 

I wish I would've showered and done my hair before these pics. Ty had preschool so they came over early in the am and Shad and I were eating breakfast :)

Ty thought every little thing Shad would do was hilarious. I think the baby had just yawned or something.

All three boys looking! Too bad I'm not....

Ty wanted to make funny faces for the baby.

Cheesy smiles!

So happy for my three boys!!!!

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