Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enduring to the End

We all are very ready for this baby to come. Levi wants to sleep with him- I find him every night underneath like this or laying in the actual bassinet. :) Every day when I pick Ty up from school he asks if the baby has come yet. 

Nice goofy smile.
 It seems like recently these boys have been sooo good at entertaining themselves. They'll play for hours together. We had to rearrange carseats since last week I had some certification classes to go to and I found them both counting to 10 and yelling "BLAST OFF!" while sprinting across the living room. It was Space Week at school last week, haha. It's also so cute to find them in a room making up a game or Ty "reading" to Levi. They love books and have to read every night. 

If there's one thing I've learned about kids that is factual and reliable, it would be that they are totally and completely unreliable and unpredictable!! I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. Levi was born by now and Ty came shortly after and both came on their own. Last week I was 80% effaced and dilated to a solid 3. I had my membranes stripped last Thursday and Dr. Bean gave me a 70-80% chance of this baby coming this past weekend. Not gonna lie, I thought those were pretty good odds!!! I tried not to set my heart on it but as Friday, Saturday and Sunday passed with lots of contractions but no baby I'm still trying to patiently wait and not go absolutely crazy. :) 

I'm scheduled for an induction on Friday January 24th if he doesn't come before then. So that has become my ENDURE TO THE END DATE. I'm hanging on for dear life. This pregnancy has been so different in a lot of ways but the most drastic has been these past 4 days. I've had contractions all night that eventually let up by morning. With Ty and Levi I never had a single contraction until the day they were actually born. Of course, it totally got my hopes up, even though I was at work all weekend and Monday morning and am already feeling pretty sleep deprived. But they've never gotten close enough for me to even time them to consider if it's leading up to the real thing. Last night they were pretty painful and would come about every 15-20 min. I'd just drift off to sleep and the next one would hit. I finally just got up at 3 am and read a book and ate cereal. All I gotta say is that this boy has us on our toes already and making us very anxious to meet him! I was looking at newborn pics of the boys and wondering what he'll look like since, obviously, Ty and Levi are so different looking. I'm so grateful to have almost gotten through another pregnancy- we are SO CLOSE!!!!

Also adding to my irritability: I also got a ticket from Orem PD on Saturday for apparently making an illegal U-turn while on my lunch break at work!! I haven't had a ticket in over 8 years and totally thought I deserved a warning. I was so mad at myself!! The motorcycle cop also didn't care that I was 9 months preg (no sympathy) or an ER nurse. In the ER, all the nurses, firefighters, paramedics and police are considered all on the "same team." Rarely would they give someone a ticket for something so minor while in scrubs and with my badge showing! Ha! The next time they show up with a crazy psych patient, he can wait for hours in triage with him! Take that!!

Then... today we have don't have any water. The city turned it off to work on the city system or something. So.... I feel fat and gross and still having contractions about every hour. Even though I showered last night, all I want to do is take a hot shower and clean the house. Tricky without water. Okay, enough of my venting (not complaining, just recording for this little's baby's posterity the current events prior to his birth- HA!). Only a few more days!! Crazy how we all forget how the span of one day is equal to an eternity while 9 months pregnant!!! ;)

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Jen Perkins said...

You can do it, Tara! It's almost over! The 24th is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary...that's gotta be good luck for you or something. ;) Can't wait to see what this beautiful little boy looks like!