Monday, January 6, 2014

Calendar Craziness- Part 2

 More calendar pictures... yes, I know my family is crazy. :)

Duck Dynasty Day

Chinese Day

University of Arizona Day

Obviously the boys had a hard time since taking all these pics took a good day and a half total. They are in some pics but not all since bribing them with candy only lasted so long. That's the green glob in Levi's mouth. :)

Indian Day

 Nurses/Doctor Day
Somehow this one got the craziest... not sure how that happened! Yes, that would be my husband lying on the clinic's surgery table giving birth to Gracie the chihuahua....

Whew! We were glad to get all these done! They really are A LOT of work but it's fun to put so much effort into them because we know how much our missionaries love them and love looking at them daily. I know when I was a missionary and got one in the mail, it was my very favorite gift the entire 18 months. We will now have a nice break until our next missionaries..... and hopefully next time I won't be 50 lbs overweight as well. :)

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Meagan said...

I cannot stop laughing! Your family is awesome!