Monday, January 6, 2014

Calendar Craziness- Part 1

Every time we have a missionary (or missionaries) out it's become a tradition to make a funny calendar for them to look at all year long. When Devin and I were out they were "normal" calendar themes- New Years, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's, etc. Somehow over the years they have morphed into random and crazy themes and my mom goes all out! This year we were each in charge of two themes and well, you can see the result.... 

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Pregnancy Day

Amy- the day before she had Clay (38 weeks)
Me- 36 weeks with baby boy
Teddi- 26 weeks with a surprise!

 Witches Day

Poor Levi was tortured for this picture!

Missionary Day

TJ was very proud of his side parted missionary hair

 Nativity Day

Ty usually has a hard time with pictures and I was especially doubtful that he'd dress up for most of these pictures. But when we did the nativity one he wanted to be a horse really bad when he saw Levi was a pig. My mom ran over to the barn to our Halloween box and pulled out this rainbow unicorn, cut the horn off and Ty instantly became a horse! He loved wearing it and him and Levi wore these pig and "horse" costumes for days after. I was very surprised at how well Ty cooperated and dressed up for things. He's not in all pictures but neither is Levi as well. These boys were troopers!

Can't Wait to See You Day

Greek Day

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Jen Perkins said...

Your family is so ridiculously funny!