Friday, January 24, 2014

Birth Story

Shad- 2014 and Me- 1985

Shad's Birth Story

My last doctor’s appointment was on Thursday Jan. 16 and Dr. Bean stripped my membranes. I was at a 3 and effaced at 70%. Since Levi came after having my membranes stripped, he gave me a 70-80% chance he’d come in the next 24-48 hours. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up too high but I thought those were pretty good odds! I tried not to be too anxious as Thursday and Friday both passed without the slightest change. I didn’t know whether I should get my shifts covered that weekend or not since I was barely 38 weeks when he stripped them.  My actual due date was Jan. 31. But I ended up working a day shift on Saturday Jan. 18 from 1000-1800- easy shift but still nothing. That night I had some very mild contractions here and there and wondered if maybe would lead to more and if I should call into work. But nothing really progressed and I could still totally walk and talk through them so I ended up going to church and working from 1pm to 1 am on Sunday Jan. 19. I definitely still had contractions that entire shift but I was able to keep working, still talking and working with patients as they’d hit and still be able to keep the pace up in a busy ER. Everyone kept asking, “Why are you still working??” and “When is this baby coming??” over and over. It was funny to see patient’s reactions when they’d ask my due date and I’d say, “Friday.” I had a scheduled induction date set for Friday Jan. 24 when I would be exactly 39 weeks and the soonest I could do it. That became my endure-to-the-end date as the contractions wore on and on. After working all Sunday night I had a ACLS recert instructor certification class that’s only offered a few times a year that I was signed up for at 8 am. I figured I might as well do it since no baby yet. I was still having contractions throughout it and hadn’t gotten much sleep from working the night before. Needless to say I was starting to get miserable. The contractions continued Monday off and on until Monday night they literally became every 15-20 minutes all night long. It was an awful, long, slow night with not much progress or change. I’d doze off and a big one would hit. I’d get up and walk it off, lay back down and start to doze off again when the next one would come. I finally just got up around 3 am, ate some cereal and read a book for a while. It let up enough early morning that I was able to get about three hours and TJ let me sleep in before he had to leave for work and I had to take Ty to preschool and do normal life. This was Tuesday Jan. 21. What certainly didn’t help things was that our water was off from 8 am-6 pm that day since the city was working on their sewer and plumbing. I had taken a shower the night before since we had known this would happen but I still was cranky because all I wanted was a hot shower every hour of the day. After I picked Ty up from preschool I did quite a few errands trying to kill time until our water would be back on. I was still having these hard contractions every 15-20 min and I was dying at this point. I wasn’t sure how I’d make it to Friday since I didn’t think all these contractions were even doing anything!! And they were really starting to hurt. Towards the end of the day I took the boys to the new Chik-fil-A in Provo since it has a fun play place, fed them dinner and just sat in a booth drinking my strawberry shake in my misery and grabbing onto the table with a death grip to ride out each contraction. TJ had work all day and then school until 11 pm and would check in to see how I was holding up. Out of all the days of the week I didn’t want him to miss his Tuesday class the most so decided I can’t have the baby today anyways and thought about how long of a night I was going to have. Suddenly I looked over and saw my brother, Devin, and his wife, Teddi, sitting down to eat their food! I went over to them, put my head on Devin’s shoulder and tried not to cry. J It was so good to see them! They knew all that was going on since I was planning on calling them to come over in the middle of the night if this baby ever did come before the induction since they were the closest. My other two boys came fairly quick overall so I knew that most likely would happen again- if I ever got to that point!!  Soon Devin had to go to work and I was hurting more and more and we had been at Chik-fil-A for almost 2 hours. I loaded the boys up and headed home. This was around 5:30 pm. I was watching the clock since it was right in front of me and slowly saw how the contractions were going from 15 to 10 to 6 min apart by the time we got home a little before 6 pm. I still wasn’t convinced even though they were REALLY hurting bad. I was busy getting the boys into the bathtub (our water was back on!), unloading the groceries and I even jumped in the shower really fast myself to rinse off and feel nice and clean again. I downloaded a contraction app so I really could see if these had any potential and was shocked/excited when I realized they went from 4 to 3 to 2 minutes apart very fast. My mind started racing as to what I should do. I still was so hesitant to believe this really could be it. It seemed too good to be true. I didn’t want to call Teddi from Provo and TJ from school in Salt Lake if the contractions suddenly stopped or if it wasn’t the real deal. I decided to call my neighbor/ward member, Kim Thomas, to come over to watch the boys as I went to get checked out at L&D to make sure this was it. I called her at 6:22 pm and was driving in the car to the hospital at 6:31 pm. I realized if this was the real thing I needed to hurry and was in a lot of pain. No time to pack a hospital bag but I did grab my wallet and camera. I know, crazy, that I was driving myself but I didn’t have time and just wanted to do it myself since I would be so devastated if I got sent home. I got to the hospital in about 12 minutes and when I got there the nurse told me if I was at a 3 or a 4 they would just monitor me for an hour and go from there. I think she told me that because I didn’t appear to be in hard, active labor. I was hurting but pretty in control of myself and would just breathe through them. When she told me that I just desperately prayed to be at least a 5 since I could NOT handle being sent home. I was holding back tears just thinking about it. So she checked me and was shocked that I was at a 6.5, almost 7! I laughed out loud in relief and a few tears might’ve fallen when I realized this was it!! The misery would be over soon and he was coming!!! She hurried and ran out to tell the other nurses to get a labor room ready and seemed to be all rushed. I called Teddi so she could go relieve my neighbor and stay with the boys. Then the nurse had a bunch of questions to ask me to get me officially registered. After about 5 minutes I HAD to call TJ- he didn’t even know I was at the hospital yet! I called him at 6:54 pm. I never call while he’s in class so right away he knew something was up. I told him and he was out the door running to the car. I got situated in a labor room and was working through contractions still while they started the IV and got fluid running. The anesthesiologist was setting up for God’s greatest invention in the entire universe- the epidural was coming and sweet relief was sooo close! The nurses told me I was lucky because the fastest anesthesiologist in the hospital was on that night. By 7:30 pm the epidural was in and starting to work slowly. Dr. Melendez had showed up by then and broke my water and checked me. Everyone started to pick up the pace even more when he said, “Whoa! You’re at a 9!” I couldn’t believe it! Everyone started bringing all the equipment and supplies to deliver a baby and I had only been at the hospital for about 30 minutes! The nurse told me to call my husband again and tell him to HURRY! TJ arrived at 7:45 pm. He made it from the University of Utah in Salt Lake to American Fork Hospital in 46 minutes. By the time he showed up I could have cared less what was going on because for the first time in weeks, I felt amazing!! I was in epidural heaven and would not have cared if the baby didn’t come for days as long as it was in. Even though the epidural always makes me shake uncontrollably like I’m shivering and dying of cold, I was lying there in the bed totally and completely content. Once TJ got there and they finished setting up and getting ready, Dr. Melendez came back in and said, “It’s time for a birth day!” I was still basking in my epidural-ness and was having a hard time realizing that it was time to have a baby already?? Ty and Levi were both born at 2 am so I had wondered if he’d be born on the 21st or 22nd – ha! I pushed twice and there he was, born at 8:04 pm! TJ was there for 15 minutes before he was born and I had officially been registered at the hospital at 7:10 pm- less than an hour! Amazingly enough, I didn’t tear at all and the doctor let TJ cut the cord, pulled out the placenta, said congrats and was out the door! The nurses cleaned me up, put Shad on me for skin to skin for a while, then weighed him and cleaned him up a bit. By 8:20 pm everyone was gone, the lights were dimmed and I was sitting there holding a baby! TJ and I were still in disbelief! My mom called then and was trying to figure out plane tickets and was asking me when I thought he’d be born and details about where I was dilated at- she had no idea I was already sitting there completely done and holding him in my arms!! He weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz and was 19.5 inches long. He was born at 38 weeks and 4 days. His APAGRS were 8,9 and perfectly healthy. He initially had some bruising to his face since he came so fast. The nurses put a sign on his bassinet that said, “I’m bruised, not blue.” But we were all amazed at how quickly it resolved. Even the next day you could hardly tell. He also had no problem with his bilirubin levels, which they had anticipated so we were even more grateful and blessed. I fell in love with his squishy little face the instant I saw him and his little Wengert nose. He also is covered with peach fuzz; especially over his ears- I love it! My mom said he looks just like me when I was born and sent me a picture- it’s true!! Maybe he’ll be more Wengert baby than Ty and Levi. Either way, I feel so grateful and blessed and relieved and happy to have endured and been blessed with another healthy pregnancy and a sweet little baby to add onto the immense joy we already have. Three boys!! I still can’t believe it!! I’m so excited for him to grow and develop into a little person and wonder what he’ll be like! We love you Shad and welcome to our family! We couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Melendez from Valley OB who delivered Shad. I absolutely LOVED all the doctors there, especially Dr. Bean. 

Going home! Thursday January 23, 2014

Love this little bum!


Jen Perkins said...

Less than an hour in the hospital?!?! I am so jealous!!! ;) I put a winky face because I love you, but seriously...I am jealous. Congrats again!


That sounds like my birth with Mali Su, 48 minutes after I got to the hospital! loved reading, thanks for sharing