Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Clay

The most exciting thing that happened during our Arizona trip was the birth of my first little nephew on my side of the family!!!

Clay Welling Wengert
Dec. 31, 2013
9:45 am
6 lbs, 3 oz
18 inches

He was born on Amy's birthday- what a perfect little birthday present!!!

We left the next day to travel back home so it was perfect timing! He surprised us all and came 2 weeks early. Another surprise was that he was breech which meant Amy had to have a C-section but we were all so happy he was healthy and no problems! He was named after Dallin's middle name, which is also after my dad, Clayton. Welling is after Dr. Blake Welling who was the neurosurgeon who saved Dallin's life at McKay Dee Hospital and who were all love and respect so much. Soon Dallin and Amy will go back up to Ogden and walk in to visit Dr. Welling and the ICU staff, holding this little guy- it'll be a pretty awesome day for that!!!

I'm so excited for my boys to have cousins close by and can't wait for Devin and Teddi's little baby to come in early April. 

Since he was just a tiny little guy, he had a hard time keeping up his temperature the first few hours. This was after they put him under the warming lamp and he was so funny- he just relaxed like this so content, like a little sea lion bathing on the beach or something like that. It was pretty cute.

I was disappointed in the fact that they wouldn't let any little kids visit so I couldn't get any pics of Ty and Levi holding him :( 

Uncle Tanner

Love little newborn yawns!

Aunt Jordy

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