Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Arizona Trip

We left for Arizona on Dec. 18th, stayed the night in Vegas and went on to Marana on the 19th. We left on New Years Day and got back home on Jan. 2 after staying the night in Mesquite, NV. 

We decided to break up the 11 hour drive since I was about 34 weeks pregnant and starting to get very uncomfortable. Good thing we're mini-vanning people now cause I had a whole back seat to myself to lay down!!! I was still dying by the end since my back pain just keeps getting worse. But still, it was SO worth it! We loved being there for a good 2 weeks and just hanging out with the fam!

My sisters, Jordan and Janae, are both on Varsity basketball team at Marana High School- so that meant during the break we had lots of opportunities to watch them play since there were holiday tournaments going on. It got to where the boys would wake up and say, "Jordan at basketball? Janae has a game?" They were pretty good during the games but mostly because Grandma was always bringing out another treat, prize or game every 2 seconds the entire time- they worship the ground she walks on!! They got to where they would cheer, "GOOOO NAE NAE!! GOOOO JORDY!!!" really loud! It was pretty cute and TJ got it on video. :)  I'll have to post that sometime.

It was such a long trip and we did so much stuff that I feel like it'll take forever to catch up on blogging so sorry for all the pics! 

TJ got Devin these shirts- they were both very proud. Remember Melba? That's the alpaca they own together who lives at my parent's house. :)

We ATE SO MUCH FOOD the entire time!!! And it was DELICIOUS- all of it!! Ribs, smoked chicken, homemade hamburgers and fries- oh man, it was delicious. I had a doctor's appointment right when we got back and I knew I had gained a lot!! Devin and TJ have started diets too since we ALL gained a lot- it was sooo good though! If you know Wengerts you know that we know how to EAT and too much of it too!! We also had to eat at my two favorite Tucson places- Eegees and Lucky Wishbone!!! YUM!

Just another game that my mom brought out for these guys to play with. She spoils them so bad!! It was also so nice to get a break from the constant "I need a drink/potty/hungry/etc" from these two- my mom and siblings were always there for it!! It was awesome! Janae would read to Ty for forever and Tanner and Jordan would play with these guys for hours, honestly laughing their heads off and having a good time. It made the trip totally worth it since my boys don't get to be around them all the time. They all were so good to them. 

New Years Eve wasn't too exciting since little Clay decided to come instead! But that was just fine with me since I have trouble past 9 pm! Tanner, TJ and I went and visited them at the hospital while my mom stayed home with the boys. Then after we did some fireworks outside and watched a movie until midnight hit and then we all fell asleep. Pretty enjoyable a for fat pregnant lady!! :)

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