Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving with the Hendriksens at Guy and Ruth's house. We had thanksgiving dinner before I had to rush off to work at 5 pm. It wasn't too bad of a thanksgiving shift until about 3 am when it got all crazy. The next day, Black Friday night was worse- it was a CRAZY night at the ER with lots of traumas and sick people. TJ had to work on Friday morning so he and the boys with some cousins spent the night at his parent's house. That meant I got awesome sleep after those busy shifts- so nice!! (even though I missed my boys). Ty was too busy playing to be in this picture and Levi has a kool-aid mustache. (31 weeks pregnant) 

I had to do something out of the ordinary during my Thanksgiving shifts to make it somewhat of a holiday and not just wear boring navy blue scrubs like always. I was out in triage all night- the patient's really liked my shirt and I got lots of comments from it, haha. 
All 8 boys having a sleep over at the grandparent's house. 

Photo bombed by my lovely brother in law, Seth :)

Everybody loves Lawson!

The day before Thanksgiving was free zoo day at the Hogel Zoo. We met up with Ginger and Dezi so the boys could all go together. Of course it was pretty packed and so I wasn't too surprised when I couldn't find Levi right away while they were all playing on this little playground thingy. I looked everywhere and Ginger helped and after close to 10 minutes I started to panic!!! Luckily Ging found him just wandering by himself, playing with the ropes that partitioned off another area. When I grabbed him and hugged him and told him he had to stay with mom and that I was worried, he just kissed my check and said, "Sorry Mom!" Of course he was instantly forgiven. :)  

 How Levi likes to ride while I'm pushing the cart. I should've asked to get a discount since he totally cleaned the floor wherever we went. :)

Betcha can't do that.... in your underwear!! :)

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Jen Perkins said...

Cute pictures as always. And did you chop of your hair?!?! Love it!