Monday, December 9, 2013


We finally got all bundled up and went outside to play in the snow! These boys were so excited and wanted to go make a snowman. Growing up in AZ, I still am not used to all this white stuff and how COLD it is!!! 

Ty had to wear his hat under his "warm hat" still. And also refused to wear the warmer ski gloves since his fingers didn't fit in them well. I knew that would led to tears from cold hands but whatever!!

We had the first snowstorm of the season last week and ever since have had LOTS of snow and pretty cold temperatures. 

So EXCITED to throw snowballs!

But of course, when it's 12 degrees outside, it doesn't take long before your hands are frozen and all you can do about it is CRY!

Levi was having a hard time since he wanted to ride the sled but his hands were hurting. Ty was just excited to push him down it and not get in trouble for pushing and not be the one going down the big scary hill!

Still having a hard time due to cold hands. Ty was quite disappointed that we never made our snowman. We needed Dad to help and warmer gloves. :)

It's hard being 3 years old sometimes. 

But it didn't take long to get all comfy and cozy under warm blankets and watch a movie instead! I agree with you boys, warm is always better than COLD!

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