Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random AZ trip

Levi likes Festus, the miniature donkey.

On Christmas Day, we all went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. My mom stayed home with the boys. We ended up waiting for an hour in the theater because my mom bought tickets the day before for Thor 2 but accidentally bought them for the wrong day. :) We saw this movie instead, haha. 

More pics to come of our calendar that we make whenever we have missionaries out. :) This was Duck Dynasty month and TJ played the part well. 

The boys dressed up as animals for our Nativity scene month for the calendar. Ty really wanted to be a horse but the only costume my mom had was this rainbow unicorn that we cut the horn off of. Both boys LOVED wearing these and wore them everyday afterwards. TJ was the sheep again and Levi the cute little piggy. Ty called himself "Maximus" from Tangled and Levi was "Pinky" the pig. 

It's never a complete trip to Marana without some sort of surgery or procedure going on at the clinic. The day after Christmas we all helped with a C-section of these cute little bulldog puppies. A few had to be resuscitated but in the end, all 5 little puppies made it!

My best friend from all growing up came and visited! It was so good to see Mallory! Her little sister, Haley, is one of Dallin's very best friends as well. Our families were inseparable growing up. We laughed and laughed about old times and memories. :)

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