Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas 2013 Newsletter

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful friends and family!

I thought I'd put a link on here for anyone who wanted more of a Christmas newsletter type of Christmas card since there's never room to write more than our names on the actual cards we send. We love hearing from so many of you and seeing your beautiful families as well! Thank you for your love, support, and friendship in so many ways!

This year has been quite the crazy, chaotic, up-and-down, roller coaster of a ride but with that comes immense gratitude for the blessings that have come- we have so much to be grateful for!

TJ started grad school in August at the University of Utah for his dual masters degree- MBA and MHA (Health Care Administration). This has meant any free time in our already-crazy-busy schedule is now pretty much gone. But TJ has done so well balancing school, full time work, family life and church callings- we know in three years it will all be worth it! He has 18 hour days during the week and is still working as a Customer Service Supervisor at USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake.

I (Tara) am due with little boy #3 in January which we are pretty excited for! Not gonna lie, I thought for sure I got my girl this time but we know what to do with boys, so why not?? :) He'll probably be nameless though since we have no idea when it comes to names. I'm still working at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center part time as an ER trauma nurse which I love. I'll go down to less than part time after the baby comes which will be good with TJ in school and three kids in the mix.

Ty is 3 1/2 and most of you are aware that he was officially diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum last year. He's been involved in early intervention since he was 20 months old and since last August has been very involved in the Bridges ABA therapy preschool in Orem. He goes Mon-Fri from 9-2:30 pm every day- a lot for a little three year old! But he is thriving and doing remarkable well in this program with drastic improvement and progress. He loves going and all his little buddies there. We are very proud of him and have very high hopes for the future. His speech and language have been the biggest improvement so far- it's so funny to hear the words finally come out of that little brain of his! His favorite thing to do is tickle my belly and say, "Mom, I'm making the baby laugh!" He also loves anything Disney/Pixar and cars, planes, and trains- typical boy!

Levi is 2 1/2 and just so sweet, easy going and chill. He's my little buddy during the day since Ty's gone during the majority of it. He's our little "guido" (white boy) although his hair is starting to darken some. I still get asked all the time where he came from or why he has blonde hair- good question!!! He loves to do anything Ty is doing and also loves Disney/Pixar. Their favorite reward is to go to the Disney store and simply just look around with their mouths wide open. He is a momma's boy and we can finally say he's gotten over his separation anxiety completely!! Poor Levi- he's always wanting to go to preschool with Ty Ty- it's hard not having issues and being normal!! :) They are best buddies and inseparable; I absolutely LOVE how close they are in age now even though it was so extremely hard in the beginning. But definitely worth it now. They are constantly wrestling and tackling each other. It's amazing we've only had two ER visits so far... :)

We still live in Pleasant Grove, in the house we bought two years ago but are planning to sell it in the spring to help with TJ's commute. We took a super fun trip to Disneyland last February with Jessie before she left on her mission- the boys were in heaven in Carsland! However, as most of you know, the biggest event of the year happened this summer with my brother Dallin and his car accident. He is a walking miracle and we know it is due to the faith, prayers, love and support so many of you gave!! He is doing remarkable well. He still has quite a ways to go but we know he was watched over and protected. We are so grateful that his life was preserved and continue to have high hopes that he can make progress and eventually return back to normal life. They are very excited for their little boy to come in January as well.


We hope all is well to each of you reading this! Again, thank you for your support during this tough year with Dallin - we will never be able to thank you all enough. We know our Savior lives and are especially grateful for His birth during this holiday season. It is because of Him that we can get through these hard times and look forward to the future with hope and gratitude!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

The Hendriksens



Great update!
Is that last picture current of them?
Glad to hear all your updates!

Talia Pence said...

So fun to hear about your little family's happenings. We need to meet up next time we are coming through your neck of the woods...after your life gets back to "normal" after baby number 3 :)