Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tree UP!

I know I've said this before but seriously, each year just gets better and better and funner and funner (I know that's not a word but it's true!) with kids and the holidays! Ty is VERY into Christmas this year and it's funny to see it rub off on Levi. They shout out every Santa and Christmas tree and lights and snowman and candy cane (okay, etc. you get the point) they see. They LOVED decorating the tree and were so excited with the new ornaments we bought for this year (we have a tradition of adding onto our ornament collection with certain types of ornaments). 

Before coming home and setting up the tree, we went and saw Frozen. The boys LOVE going to the movies and chow down more popcorn than I think is possible for someone so little! They both had to sit on TJ's lap, which I didn't mind (no matter how comfy movie theater seats seem it kills my back while preg) and snuggle with him. It was cute. They did get a little bored at the end- I think it was a little bit too girly for these boys! :)

Ty's "cheese" face. We need to work on that....

These boys lined up all the ornaments on one string of lights at the very bottom- it was kinda funny and seems like most little kids do that. We had to help them spread them out just a little. :)

Trying to get one of them together by the tree.... 

... like this one. But not so lovey-dovey this year. :)

Ty's funny face.... or gang signs.... 


Levi and me with my chubby face.

Ty was so proud of all the decorations. 

Our tradition of taking pics with Santa in a different Christmas frame each year. Fun to see the kids grow and compare. The boys also love their homemade Christmas stockings- another tradition we had growing up. It was fun making a new one for baby boy next year!!

At the movies.... and the pic was ruined by Levi :)

Obviously this picture didn't work out

 Love Christmas!

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Meagan said...

I love the idea of a Santa picture in a fun frame!