Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Morning

The boys were so excited when they came into the living room. Kids make Christmas so much fun!

This picture sums up Christmas for Ty :)

This was a pretty cool presents from Grandma and Grandpa- a roller coster! :)

The best part- skyping with Derek and Jessie!

New belts- such cute cowboys!

The day after Christmas we went to the zoo! We fed the giraffes that were super close up, rode a choo choo train, fed the ducks and got dinner at the best place ever- Lucky Wishbone! The three places I have to eat at whenever we come are are Lucky Wishbone, Eegees, and the Sonoran Hot Dog rode stand by Marana Grocery. They have the best carne asada tacos, tortas and tortillas I've ever eaten. 

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