Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Lights

For Family Night we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the Holiday Lights. The boys were mesmerized, of course, and thought they were so amazing. Afterwards we ventured outside to see Santa's reindeer in the 7 degree weather- that's right, SEVEN degrees. Reminded me of Wisconsin weather but without wind, thankfully. I was pretty ready to go after a few minutes, even with my extra layer of insulation called pregnancy. The boys were bundled up pretty good and TJ is just used to cold weather. I was definitely dreaming of AZ that night. 

This guy was amazing at ice sculptures!! Really neat to watch, if it had been about 50 degrees warmer :)

What do you want for a treat when it's single digits outside?? Ice cream, of course!!!
Mom and Dad were boring and got hot chocolate. 

This goofy kid. Ty wasn't up for selfies tonight. Another time, buddy. 

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