Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in Marana

 Trying to get a nice picture of everyone before church- not working very well, thanks to the boys. 

For Family Home Evening on Sunday night we all dressed up to act out the nativity while my dad read the Christmas story in the Bible. Of course my mom went all out on costumes that she had found on clearance earlier in the year. The boys sat at watched on the couch, completely still and unsure of what was going on- yet they couldn't stop staring. :)

What a cute little Mary! She's sure wishing this baby came for Christmas already though! Come on Baby Clay! Only about 3 more weeks!

 Dally Man as Joseph

 The boys just sat there, perfectly still. No smiles or tears just a little weirded out :)

 And then there's my husband, the sheep.
 Tanner, Janae and Jordan as the Three Wise Men

 I was the photographer but Levi and I had to try on Joseph's wig. Levi didn't enjoy it much.

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