Saturday, December 14, 2013

Catch Up

 With Santa at the ward christmas party- Ty was still afraid and closed his eyes even though afterwards he jumped up and down saying, "I saw two Santas" meaning the one he saw last time and the one from today. He was so excited to get the bag of candy from him too! We talk about how Santa is nice over and over but he seems to forget it all when he's waiting in line to see him or sitting on his lap. Levi just seems indifferent, like he doesn't care either way. No tears and no smiles. :)

He started to warm up to him by the end of their little visit- well, at least partially uncovered his eyes. He's probably the only 3 1/2 year old that is still afraid of Santa, haha. 

 The boys got to pick out new hats that we are clearance as a reward one day and since then they have been wearing them non-stop, even to bed. I have no idea why Levi loves Spiderman. We don't watch it or have any superhero stuff. Whenever we see Spiderman stuff in the store he gets super excited and has to hold it. It's weird! Levi alternates between this hat and his "warm hat"- his Monster beanie. Either way, their hats are always covered which means I don't have to gel their hair! Yahoo!

We got to stop by Dad's work and have lunch with him on the way home from visiting my grandpa in the hospital. It was nice because we never get to do that since Dad has to commute about 45-60 min each way- lame! Levi was very excited to see him. 

I got invited to speak at Kids on the Move (Ty's school) where they had a breakfast to thank some of the members of our legislature for supporting bills that help continue funding Early Intervention and Bridges Autism programs (both of which Ty has been involved in). Me and two other moms got to share our stories about our kids who have received these services and how it's affected our kiddos, changed our family's lives and how far our kids have come. It was a pretty emotional meeting- not a dry eye in the room- as these types of meetings usually are. Pretty touching and I was honored to be involved since I've become very passionate about Early Intervention and ABA therapy programs.  

TJ was able to come and took these pictures while I was speaking. They provided baby-sitting for the boys who were so excited to play in the ball room!

My Grandpa Allen was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer which was pretty scary. Thankfully and gratefully we got news that it was contained and hadn't spread to any other organs. He had surgery last Monday to remove the prostate and so me and Lev drove up to visit him. He looks dead lying in the bed but he's not! He just had a bad night and was very sleepy. Recovering from surgery is always rough. 

Levi and I went on a lunch date at Pizza Pie Cafe when we had some time to kill between picking Ty up from preschool. This kid ate tons and it was so funny watching him sample everything. He was the perfect gentleman on our date!

One of Levi's many faces!

Ty has been playing with the present he got from Grandma Allen for hours. 

At speech with Mrs. Robinson- he loves going and does really well! We've seen huge improvement from when he started (May 2013) until now. She does so amazing with him and makes it fun and enjoyable for him. We go to Grove Crest Elementary School for services once a week. 

Getting ready for our AZ trip!! I can't wait and these boys are excited to use their suitcases!

 Levi can sleep ANYWHERE! Poor kid rarely gets a nap in his own bed. We're usually on the go and since day one it's been like that- guess that what happens when you aren't the oldest kid. We've also been busy going to all of Ty's therapies and interventions which meant Levi just has gotten dragged along since he was a baby. He loves sleeping in the shopping carts at Target and Costco, especially when I pad it with extra blankets and use the diaper bag as a pillow!

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