Tuesday, December 3, 2013

6 Months- May 30 to November 30

November 30th marked six months from Dallin's accident. Thinking back to those first couple dark, dismal days in the ICU we would've never thought it'd be possible to be where we're at now, just six months later. We were hoping he'd simply live, vegetated state at least, let alone be where he's at now. He still has a ways to go but he's making good progress! On Dec. 14th he takes a driving test to see if he can get his license back and also is in the middle of an online math class which is helping him see if he can go back to Utah State sooner rather than later. 

This experience has and continues to teach our family so much and I'm so grateful for this guy sticking around! I'm excited for them to experience parenthood as well since it's such a life changing experience, haha. Their little Clay Welling Wengert (most likely his name) is due in about 6 weeks!! 

Love you Dally Man!

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