Monday, December 2, 2013

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

And it's begun.... the enduring to the end, the part that everyone forgets about, the homestretch- part of me is amazed it's already here and and the other part is very ready to get my old body back. Working nights and the third pregnancy has definitely made this one a lot harder than the previous two. Still, I'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy and always in awe of how our bodies can do this! I'm excited to see what a third boy will look like and seeing our boys interact with a new baby. 

We also got good news a few days ago that I'm cleared for a normal delivery! No more placenta previa- the placenta has moved completely away from the cervix and I don't have to have a C-section. Yahoo! That was a big relief, of course, and he's already head down, in position, ready to go, making all this seem more and more real!

On to more important things, my sandwich craving has subsided (it lasted quite a while) but the weirdest thing (and not the best thing either) that I crave is SODA! I am NOT a soda person. We rarely buy it, we never have it in the house and at restaurants we either get water or something like strawberry lemonade. Growing up it was the same way- it was a treat and only on rare occasions. That's what makes this so weird. I dream about Sonic's Dr. Pepper with cherry and vanilla- and I don't drink caffeine either (don't tell my mom)! Ty's preschool is close to a Sonic and I pick him up during happy hour- ugghhh. This definitely doesn't help the 40 lbs I've already gained (yes, I know, I gain too much weight in pregnancy- happens every time- and I hate it but have accepted it). 

There are definitely a few good things about being big and fat during the holidays though! 
Don't worry, I've made a list and these are the top three:
1).  I can eat as much as I want and no guilt- the chubbiness is going to happen no matter what so live it up! And at least I'm gaining weigh by eating GOOD food. It's almost worth it... And we all know everyone expects the big pregnant lady to eat a lot. 
2). The last few weeks have flown by and I know December is going to fly by even quicker and then.... baby month! Best way to put yourself out of misery- distraction with holidays!!! :)
3). Layers. I can cover my excess self with lots of layers since it's cold outside.

I could go on but will stop there... 

Having had two previous summer babies I'm almost enjoying this winter-time baby situation. With the 9 inches of snow we suddenly got yesterday, I'm feeling the desire to cuddle up and stay home more and more- perfect with a new baby!

And for the record: I'm suddenly into wearing maxi skirts a lot since nothing else fits well and it's soooo comfy verses peeling pants onto my tree trunk legs. I'm still having the normal feet and back aches but not much swelling as of yet. My belly is measuring right on at 32 cm. I've also been having some left leg hip muscle problems- just makes it really hard to walk. Something else weird- I think I can officially say I now have experienced heartburn! I've never had it before and wasn't sure what it felt like but the last few days have changed that. Blah!

Okay, enough with all that. With the last two boys I wished I had written more about the actual pregnancy so this is my attempt at doing that. I also use this as my journal so here's the daily life stuff! :) 

Baby boy, we'll see you soon!!! 
Please be nice to your mommy and quit pushing against my abdominal muscles and making it feel like you are splinting them in half!!!

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Karina said...

I think you look great! Beautiful and healthy. Good luck these next few weeks.