Monday, November 18, 2013


So this may seem kind of silly taking a picture of something that Ty drew but this is much more than it seems. Being on the spectrum, Ty is delayed in a lot of things but still has to achieve certain milestones, like normal child development, even if it's a few months to a year behind. 

Well, this is one of those milestones that he achieved- all on his own and out of the blue! I was so surprised!!! Drawing people and specifically, people he knows! Yesterday he came up to me and said, "Look, Mom! My family!" He then named all the people he drew in his family including Mike and Sully and a neighbor?? :) He said everyone was wearing hats too. His dad sure has a big head! :) 

Last weekend I didn't work and TJ was home early so we decided to celebrate by going out to eat together- something we don't get to do very often. I was also craving Red Robin's Whiskey River BBQ Burger (yes, the whiskey part of course) and bottom-less steak fries so off we went. While we were waiting, we ran into another pregnant lady having the same cravings- Teddi and Devin!! It was so funny and we ended up having a fun, impromptu dinner together. 

These boys came to visit me at work one night. I was working in Fast Track and it was slower so it worked out perfectly. These guys always enjoy the stickers and Oreos. 

Watching TV in the break room with his mouth stuffed with Oreos. 

Last week we finished up our course of Food Therapy! Miss Ainsley would come out of our house each week- it was great! So many creative methods to help get the food into the mouth- eventually. Mainly, it taught me how to do it from home since this is a long term thing and not something that is accomplished in a few weeks. But I have noticed that Ty is more likely to try new foods and smells a LOT of things to determine if he thinks he'd like it or not. Definitely progress, even if it seems like baby steps. 

We love Ainsley!!

Lately, our kitchen usually looks something like this, or at least some version of this. A lot of time everything from the pantry is in the fridge or everything from both the pantry and the fridge are stacked onto the kitchen table. These boys love stacking and creating a path of some sort out of food. Usually I can find them hidden in the pantry together laughing or eating bits of old cereal from the ground- yum!

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