Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Poor TJ had school on Halloween night and was stuck in class until 10 pm. Lame! But that meant Teddi came along with us since Devin had to work at 6 pm so that was a good trade off :) The boys were soooo excited to go trick or treating and we practiced saying it all week long (along with Happy Halloween and thank you!). 

I didn't take very many pics of my Vanellope costume because I learned something I pretty much already knew- Vanellope does not look very cute 27 weeks pregnant and in tights and a mini skirt. :) Dressing up with the kids is also way more fun not pregnant. But it was still fun and I love picking themes that my boys love while they don't really have an opinion of what they want to be. I'm already trying to think of next year when we have three little boys to have fun with....

Teddi was the cutest nerd I've ever seen

We live up the mountain and there are lots of steep sidewalk inclines- we all had to take a rest once in a while.

Levi's scary face

Checkin out the goods at home!

Ty had fun at his preschool Halloween party- I thought all his teacher's costumes where hilarious, especially Miss Madison and Mr. Cody's. :) Ty wasn't very interested in taking a bunch of pics though.

Miss Ainsley and Brittany as well

Before knocking doors, we met up with Devin (who left to go to work- he works on a step down ICU floor, the same one I started at 5 years ago!) and Teddi at the Provo Rec Center for a little Halloween Carnival. 

They had lots of games for the kids that included Cars, Minions, and Angry Birds that the boys loved. 

These boys LOVE Uncle Devin and think he's so fun.

Overall, we had such a great Halloween and these boys make it so fun! It's so cute to hear them talking about Halloween, "Nany" as Levi calls candy, and the month of October. Definitely one of my favorite times of the year.

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