Monday, November 4, 2013

Catch up post

What's cuter than these John Deere boots??

These little boys in new wranglers AND new boots!!

Since I'm seriously OCD and have issues, I was completely DONE WITH CHRISTMAS shopping half way through October. That's right, DONE! Whoo hoo!! Let's just call it part of nesting or something because I felt so good after it was done. Now I can just sit back and "relax" because 8-9 months preg during the holidays. :) 
But my point is, the boys' christmas list included new boots and wranglers which we did last year and is part of our Christmas tradition (and by new, I mean that Ty got new ones and Levi got new-to-him ones, aka Ty's hand me downs. Poor Lev!). However, now that it's gotten colder and these boys are growing I realized it doesn't make any sense for new boots/pants to be sitting in the closet when they could be wearing them. These boys were sure excited when I brought them out and I love seeing them wear them.  So cute!

My little cowboys

On the rare occasion that TJ and I are both home at night (sadly, that's how our schedule is now with TJ's grad school and me working two nights a week), we take advantage and have a party! Last Friday night we red boxed The Croods and had a movie night. The boys love it and it's so funny to hear them laugh and giggle at the funny parts while eating their popcorn. We decided that nights like these are the good part of our crazy schedule right now- we all ENJOY being together so much because it doesn't happen very often. I'm also cutting back on working A LOT once this end of the year hits so I feel like we just have to endure to the end for a few more weeks! I also don't think twice about putting the boys to bed alone or being single parent for the entire week. Seems so weird to me when other women talk about their husband's coming home from work at 5 pm every afternoon! What do they do for the entire rest of the day??? Someday we'll be pass all this and have a much more normal family life- it will all be worth it!!!

What happens when TJ is playing with the boys! Boys up in the closet!

I'm getting ready to print my blog book for the year (I go from Halloween to Halloween) and I was cleaning out my computer for pics that Jessie, TJ, or Ginger had sent me. These are some of the ones I found. Throw back Monday I guess ;)

We love Aunt Jessie!! Miss her!

Haha, they look so little!! I think these pics were from around April 2012, back when Jessie lived with us. 

Back in September I celebrated 5 years working for IHC! Can't believe it's been that long! When I started in Sept 2008, I was a recently returned missionary who needed a job- since then while working here, I was introduced to my husband, got engaged, got married, had 2 kids, pregnant with number 3, moved into our first house, and made friends that I'll always keep in touch with. It's been good and so glad Heavenly Father led me to where I'm at today. 

We grew Levi's hair out for his Wreck it Ralph costume- the day after Halloween it was time for a good clean up!!

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