Friday, November 29, 2013


With Thanksgiving being a little later this year, I found it hard to not start doing Christmas things before Thanksgiving happened! Let me assure you, I am not one to start playing Christmas music or decorate the tree until after a proper season of thanks (unlike my husband!! :) but with only 2 weeks-ish until we leave for AZ once December is here, we had to start doing some of our Christmas traditions before we run out of time! 
With that being said, we went and saw Santa this week. Mostly because I don't want to boys to be scared of him (like the previous years) and wanted the most exposure possible. Plus I've been using the you-need-to-be-good-boys phrase so-Santa-will-bring-you-gifts approach. 

Well, definitely successful in the no-crying part this year! Just unsure of why Ty had his hands up by his face the whole time in all the pictures! Levi walked right up to him and sat up on his lap. No fear but also no smiles. Ty was quite shy and hid behind us. He wanted to be apart but was a tiny bit scared. TJ went up with him and finally coaxed him onto his lap but again, shielded his eyes from looking directly at Santa. Hmmm. I'm not sure but we'll take it! :)

And here is from Christmas 2011...
(Good thing Levi's gotten cuter too! ;)

And..... Christmas 2012. So yes, I'd say we have improvement!!!!

A tiny smile from Ty

No fear although he doesn't exactly look extremely excited to be there??

Warming up to Santa

Ty did not like the scratchy beard part though and gave Santa an awkward-backing-away hug. Ty did ask Santa for Monster University and a pooh bear. Suddenly my boys are into Winnie the Pooh- not sure where that came from or why???

Levi was all for the hug part! He asked Santa for The Croods movie. 

No Santa outing is complete without a treat after!

2 1/2 years old

3 1/2 years old

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crazy boys

The boys were very excited about their new church belts they wore to church last Sunday. So excited that he had to carry around a Lightening McQueen lunchbox. Makes perfect sense.

Typical boys- can't leave each other alone....

And here begins round two of potty training. I'm striving for about 2 months of no diapers before this next baby comes but at the rate we're going, I'll probably get only one month out of it.... haha. Well, it's only been 2 days and we never have a day where we are home all day long so it's hard when we're out and about. But that's okay, we're going to get it!!!! Little kids in underwear just look so cute!! 

Underwear, boots, and Christmas socks.... what a combo!

Last weekend my work rented out a theater for the opening night of Catching Fire!!!! It was soooo good- better than the first one, I think. TJ and I got a date night out of it and afterwards found the Waffle Love truck- if you haven't tried it yet, you haven't lived!! So good!! We got caramelized waffles with Biscoff, whipped cream, raspberries and strawberries. The boys spent the night at Ruth's house but I was so uncomfortable and hurting that we went home by 9:30 pm. We are officially OLD and BORING!!! But I slept ALL NIGHT LONG without any interruptions and even slept in until 8:30 am- it was heavenly and felt soooo gooooood! Thanks Ruth!!!!! Best date night ever!

And this is what happened when I tried to sleep in last week because I worked from 5pm-5 am. The boys got themselves breakfast, helping themselves to two bags of cereal all over the carpet in both rooms!! So helpful!!!! :)

 These twelve hour shifts are starting to kill me- I'm not complaining because really, this pregnancy isn't that bad at all and I'm getting so close to being DONE! Plus, I only have 5 shifts to work until the end of the year- that's nothin'! :) Working all night didn't use to be so bad, even in the beginning when I was sick and so tired. Last week I ended up getting sent home because after about 11 pm, I have trouble walking due to some sort of nerve pain in my left hip area. Then by 1 am I can't walk at all, haha, it's so pathetic looking!!!!! Again, not complaining, just a little perplexed by how weird this is! I've never experienced anything like this before- literally being disabled! Once I go home to sleep I wake up fine. So weird. Pregnancy does such crazy things to your body.

Not sure about Ty's face in this pic but they sure had fun with their cereal mess. 

Levi has a thing for gloves lately....

Love this crazy boy! I think 2 years old is such a fun age as their little personalities start to come out more and more!

Monday, November 18, 2013


So this may seem kind of silly taking a picture of something that Ty drew but this is much more than it seems. Being on the spectrum, Ty is delayed in a lot of things but still has to achieve certain milestones, like normal child development, even if it's a few months to a year behind. 

Well, this is one of those milestones that he achieved- all on his own and out of the blue! I was so surprised!!! Drawing people and specifically, people he knows! Yesterday he came up to me and said, "Look, Mom! My family!" He then named all the people he drew in his family including Mike and Sully and a neighbor?? :) He said everyone was wearing hats too. His dad sure has a big head! :) 

Last weekend I didn't work and TJ was home early so we decided to celebrate by going out to eat together- something we don't get to do very often. I was also craving Red Robin's Whiskey River BBQ Burger (yes, the whiskey part of course) and bottom-less steak fries so off we went. While we were waiting, we ran into another pregnant lady having the same cravings- Teddi and Devin!! It was so funny and we ended up having a fun, impromptu dinner together. 

These boys came to visit me at work one night. I was working in Fast Track and it was slower so it worked out perfectly. These guys always enjoy the stickers and Oreos. 

Watching TV in the break room with his mouth stuffed with Oreos. 

Last week we finished up our course of Food Therapy! Miss Ainsley would come out of our house each week- it was great! So many creative methods to help get the food into the mouth- eventually. Mainly, it taught me how to do it from home since this is a long term thing and not something that is accomplished in a few weeks. But I have noticed that Ty is more likely to try new foods and smells a LOT of things to determine if he thinks he'd like it or not. Definitely progress, even if it seems like baby steps. 

We love Ainsley!!

Lately, our kitchen usually looks something like this, or at least some version of this. A lot of time everything from the pantry is in the fridge or everything from both the pantry and the fridge are stacked onto the kitchen table. These boys love stacking and creating a path of some sort out of food. Usually I can find them hidden in the pantry together laughing or eating bits of old cereal from the ground- yum!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Temple Pics

A few weeks ago, Dezi, Ginger and I got these boys together at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to take some pics for my mother-in-law for Christmas. They all cooperated so much better than I ever thought they would!! They all looked so handsome!

Ty- 3
Brock- 2
Easton- 10
Parker- 2
Levi- 2
Cole- 8
Peyton- 6
Trey- 4
Lawson- 2 months

ANd of course, how do you keep 9 boys from wrestling and tackling each other when a ball is around after pictures are done?