Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sorry, Mommy!

So who would've thought such an innocent activity of sidewalk chalk in the garage during a rainy day could've gone so bad... obviously I didn't! Oh man! But no scratches and after a car wash, good as new! Now everytime we go into the garage and they see their drawings on the cement they say, "Not on car! Only on floor!" while shaking their heads. Guess we all learn by experience!

And yes, this goes completely around all four sides of the van!

Levi's new thing- carrying VHS case now. He's regressed from DVDs. 

After I sternly told them we only color on the ground and NEVER on cars they both said, "Sorry mommy! I wash off" and then wiped the whole car down with their hands. It was kinda cute and how could I not take pictures??
Ty was very proud of writing his name and ABCs.

Levi is starting to like to sit on the potty whenever Ty goes.... no success yet but hopefully in the next few months his interest will grow. They just look so funny sitting there because they stay there quite a while. Ty looks at books and Levi looks at his current VHS case. :)

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