Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life Flight Celebration

Last week Life Flight celebrated 35 years of service which meant they had a big celebration that was open to the public. Life Fight is our main air medical transport service with excellent teams of nurses and pilots. It is the only civilian air ambulance/rescue service in the US that's certified to conduct hoist rescue operations- pretty cool! It's always an adrenaline rush to go and meet the chopper with a trauma patient that is in critical condition and time is crucial. It's exciting to be involved in that.
The boys were so intrigued- except Ty was scared to sit in it by himself. I'm not sure why  he's afraid of a lot of the things he initially is! :)

25 Weeks
(I know, I look huge- awkward bending over picture that's not very flattering).

Levi thought it was so cool to sit inside!

It didn't take long for Ty to warm up to it all. :)

The only part Levi did not like was the gurney rides some of the techs were giving to the kids- haha.

They had games and free food too!

Ty telling me there are two helicopters on the sign.

I'm pretty sure this was Levi's first time trying cotton candy- he was a fan. 

Twins :)

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