Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Time

Fix it Felix- or Fix it Ty as he calls himself. This kid LOVES dressing up in his costume and everything about Halloween. Kids seriously make it so much fun.

Wreck it Ralph or Wreck it Levi as Ty calls him. 

We went to TJ's work Halloween party. I quickly realized that those people who have never seen the movie Wreck it Ralph have no idea what these costumes are. :) They kept asking if Ty was Bob the Builder. But those that have kids knew exactly who they were the second they saw them. :)

Mesmerized by all the other costumes. They were never really afraid of the scary ones, just totally kept their distance. So funny. They get it that it's a person dressed up and not real but it's still just a tiny bit unnerving. 

Playing at Dad's desk. Ty kept his gloves on for hours. 

My cousin and her husband, KiLeigh and Orrin Farr, stayed the night with us this past weekend. They have Porter, Payson and Ollie- our boys love playing with them. 

We went to the Allen Family Halloween Party that my Uncle Dave puts on every year. We scrambled and put together a costume for TJ since he could go. We had to keep up with the Wreck it Ralph theme so TJ is Mr. Litwak- the arcade owner. :)

Ralph, Vanellope and Fleix

Our cousin Chase and Levi riding the animal train.

Both boys got to do the Ghost piƱata. 

We cheered Uncle Paul in a pie eating contest.

Uncle Dave is my Grandpa's brother so there are a lot of people that I don't know since it's my mom's cousins and uncles and aunts but it's still fun to be with the family that I do know and to spent time with my grandparents. 

More pie eating contest by Uncle Paul!

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