Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Break

Last week we went to Cornbellys with Ginger, Parker and Lawson- it was kinda a windy and chilly day but the boys had a lot of fun and they had some neat things there! Lev was a little more up to photo ops than Ty that day.

And yes, my kid was that kid- the one that had to lick up the corn and then spit it back out. Lovely.

These three are such pals- so cute.

There was this giant trampoline thingy that Levi loved, Parker barely tolerated, and Ty wouldn't even get on. Pretty funny to watch Levi run, jump and try to do somersaults on it with Parker crying. :)

Last week was also Fall Break for Alpine School District which meant Ty got TWO days off!! We had to celebrate even though they were both rainy, colder days. We went to Trafalga with Parker and the boys had a blast bowling and pretending to play all the arcade type games. 

Ty jumping up and down when he'd knock the pins over. 

The boys' version of skee ball.

We also saw Planes at the dollar theater. I took them by myself and they did PERFECT! I was so impressed and it made it really fun. If anyone would've told me this was possible a year or two ago I would've thought they were crazy. We're at a really good place now and we're definitely enjoying it. 

Ty's new saying is, "Whew! That was close!" He also asked for a "dance party" the other day too, haha. Levi is gaining more words too just not very clear. He copies everything Ty says and does constantly. They are my good little buddies.

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