Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This past weekend my grandparents took all of us family members that are living in Utah out to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus this past weekend! All Ty wanted to see were elephants and turtles and would get very upset when we'd allude to the probability of the absence of the turtles.... but luckily he was more than satisfied when we were there with the elephants!! 

It was sooo fun to watch the boys' faces! Ty was in heaven the whole time and Levi got a little bored at times but we never had to go out and both were perfectly content for the entire (almost) three hours! 
Walking to and from the Energy Solutions arena, both boys were laughing and skipping and singing- so cute to see their excitement just burst out.

One of Ty's many faces as he'd look over at me in AMAZEMENT! haha

Of course, Heidi, the boy turtle, had to come to the circus with us. 

I guess Levi thought the part where they shot a lady out of the cannon was a little loud...

even though his fingers aren't even in his ears! haha

You can see Ty lying on the ground because he did NOT want to take a picture- not sure why but hey, he's still in it! ;) I recently cut my bangs shorter and it kinda made a drastic difference! Change is nice once in a while, especially when you start to feel fat and just blah!

The elephants were pretty cool! I think this can be classified as one of the events that is more fun being a parent watching your kids react to everything rather than you enjoying the show itself. :)

Ty's smile when I asked him to smile for a picture.... lovely.

His face the entire time during the elephants!! 

And for an unrelated detail- look at that EJ (external jugular) vein on the side of his neck! How perfect is that to access?! I'm always looking at my kids' access points- you never know in an emergency where/when you might need it! haha! 

I was so impressed with Ty- they were selling things everywhere for ridiculous amounts of money. Just to take picture while sitting on a plastic elephant was twenty bucks. During the intermission we went out to look at some of the toys that you could buy. There were kids everywhere picking out two or three toys at a time, snow cones for $15 each, etc. Ty would play with a toy and watch the other kids pick what they wanted all around him- I explained to Ty that he could look but we weren't going to buy anything. No melt down, no tantrum, just understanding and he was perfectly happy just watching elephants even though I could see the longing in his eyes for a toy that lights up like all the rest of the kids- it made my heart hurt a little but also so proud!

This past weekend was also little Lawson's baby blessing with all the Hendriksens. Afterwards we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to get some pics of all nine boys for Ruth's Christmas present. I had to get one of just us too :) 
The little park that we had a luncheon after church had this old school metal playground, like the ones we had as kids. It was awesome and reminded me of the Marana park we practically lived at during the summer. The boys had so much fun playing and got a few bumps and scrapes too- I kinda see why the metal playgrounds are a thing of the past, haha! Levi totally fell off the see saw at the highest point and after some hugs and kissing his owies he wanted to get right back on- too much fun!

(23 weeks pregnant)

Playing outside early Saturday morning out in the cold! I love how these boys play together for hours! It's like living with your best friend :)

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