Friday, October 11, 2013

Amy's Baby Shower

Dallin and Amy came up for conference weekend- while they were here we had a baby shower for her. I put it on facebook and kinda quickly threw it together so I honestly had NO idea how many people would come. At first no one really showed up for the first 20 min or so and I thought it would just be too hard for people to come since it was during priesthood session- ha! After a while people started pouring it- my house was just too small!! You couldn't even walk through it was that packed. Pretty awesome support. We estimated we had at least 60-70 people here!

Dallin and Amy drove up with Tell and Beau, Teddi's brothers. This handsome group went to priesthood hoping for left overs by the time they came home :)

Amy got so many cute things- and TONS of it too! I was so touched by how many people mailed things. I bet I got at least 10 packages in the mail for her.

Only part of the presents!

Waiting for the guests to come on the front porch

Ty's funny face

Char Chaffee drove all the way down with her cute little son, Hyrum. She's due with baby girl in Dec. Char and I were mission comps and of course, knows Amy well from our WI days.

As the shower was winding down, I looked over to see these two little trouble makers in the cake!!!

Our cousin Cambria is in SLC now and works at Primarys. 

I was so glad for such a fun, successful evening- thanks so much to all those that helped and participated!!

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