Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Healthy Baby!

Baby Boy's 20 week ultrasound went very well! I always get a little nervous before these because I'm always afraid there will be a kidney missing or an extra toe or something. But the dr. said he looked super healthy and about a week ahead of schedule. He's 14 oz, which is in the 80% percentile. 
He has a nice long femur bone and Dr. Bean said he'll probably be pretty tall! I thought that was interesting. 

My placenta is almost over the cervix which could be a problem. He said we'll have a repeat ultrasound at 32 weeks and if it's still covering it, we'll have another one at 36 weeks and if it's still there.... we'll schedule a C-section!! No!!!! But he's 99% sure it'll move since it appears to be starting to already and there's no good blood flow from placenta to cervix now. Fingers crossed!!

Baby Boy is upside-down on his head with his knees at his nose- so not comfortable!!! When I checked on the ER ultrasound machine at work last week he was in the same position so I guess he's comfy! In this pic you can see his foot by his nose. :)

The doctor said he's definitely still a boy! That's what the ultrasound tech said too a few weeks ago- definitely with no hesitation and the parts were all very obvious (unlike last time!!).

Showing more boy parts.

His cute little hands and feet were moving all over- this is a busy little boy.

Kinda a weird profile pic with his ear canal showing (the black circle) but you can still make out the sweet little profile of this little man.

Yay for intact spines! So perfect looking!

I just LOVE my OB office and staff. They all are wonderful and I've been so impressed with them in many ways. It's soooo much better than when we were in Provo. Everything is so high quality and professional. 

The doctor himself did the 20 week ultrasound- I was impressed by that! Dr. Bean was the one who did it and it was kinda neat because he was the doctor who I originally saw multiple times for my miscarriage and was the one who did my D&C. I haven't seen him since surgery day and so it was kinda a neat reunion in a sense. He's such a great doctor- so genuine and truly cares. He remembered me and knew I was preg but was truly excited to see me again with a healthy pregnancy and happy to report that all was well with this little baby during the ultrasound. I've known a lot of doctors- either by going to them or by working with them- and I can honestly say he's one of the very best with genuine bedside manner and professionalism. I think I've seen all of the doctors now and each one is awesome but Dr. Bean is truly an example of a doctor striving to provide high quality care and treating his patients with genuine kindness. 

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