Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday I took Ty to get his haircut at a real haircutting place because I wanted to see how he'd handle it.  Plus this kid's hair grows like weeds and he wears his hat all the time so he was looking pretty orphan like!
He used to not tolerate it at all and I haven't taken him to an actual place for about 2 years. We've just been shaving his head with the clippers while one of us holds him down- blah, not fun.
But this time he was very excited by the atmosphere and loved picking out a hippo to sit on while watching cartoons. He did awesome! No crying, no resistance at all! He's come such a long ways!! I was very proud of him for doing something so normal! ;)

He was also so proud of the balloon he got after for being so good- which is why he was soooo SAD when we got home and it popped on the grass!! I felt bad but guess it's just part of life. These tears were very sad tears- not meltdown tears :( Poor guy!! 

I thought these pictures were funny though showing such emotion! He kept using Heidi (the boy turtle) to wipe his tears away. 

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