Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goin to the Zoo

Last week Ty didn't have preschool one day and we didn't have anything else going on so we had to celebrate!! We went to the zoo since I had an awesome coupon and Ginger, Parker and little Lawson came with us! Even though it was rainy and cold, baby Lawson did soooo good! He's so sweet and was such a trooper, tagging along with these older boys. Even though it was kinda cold, it actually was a perfect time to go to the zoo! It was practically empty and all the animals were out and about, super CLOSE up! It was awesome! I didn't get as many good pictures and I wanted to since these 3 boys are so hard to get pictures of while being excited and distracted by the animals.

Ty had to say there was only 1 rhino- but see how close it was??

All three boys sat and watched the sea lion show- it was so cute! Parker adores Ty and follows his every move, it's so cute. And yes, Levi likes to wear his hat like that. :)

This sweet baby boy is 6 weeks old! I'm so excited for Lawson and this new baby boy to be best buds.

Devin got a job on the 3rd floor at UVRMC! He's on the Progressive Care Unit, which is step down ICU. This is the floor I worked on for 3 years prior to ER. It's fun running up there on breaks to say hi or taking patients up to him. Soooo happy for him that he finally got a job and all seems to be working out pretty well.

How funny is this picture? I had about 30 minutes before I had to go pick up Ty from preschool so was grabbing a few things. Levi loves to ride on the bottom and seriously, Target carts are the smoothest ever. After a while I realized he was being very still and quiet and I looked down and he was out! People thought it was so funny. 
Poor Levi- this kid can fall asleep anywhere! His whole life we've been going here and there for all of Ty's interventions and preschool. Rarely are we ever home during nap time that I actually put him down in his bed and he wakes up in his bed!! Guess that comes with being the younger kid. He's such a trooper!

We are rearranging this room and putting the crib and baby's stuff downstairs and I walked into the room to find this- TJ using the little kid easel as a desk for his laptop. :) 

Driving away from Grandpa and Abuelita's house, we had a goodbye party :)

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