Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fishing Day

Kids on the Move had an Alumni Fishing Party, sponsored by Cabelas! Every family got a free fishing pole and lots of people caught real fish!! :) We weren't so lucky but the boys had tons of fun playing, throwing rocks in the water, scaring the fish away and getting tangled in the line. 

One of Ty's friends from his preschool was there and he was soooo excited to see Jaxson! They played so well together and was fun to see them. He's one year older and now goes to Giant Steps so Ty has missed him at school. It's crazy how much time these kiddos spend together over the months- no wonder he was so excited to see him.

I always enjoy the events that KOTM sponsors- it's neat to see all the lives they've affected and all the kids everywhere. There are lots of kids in wheelchairs and with all different mental capacities. It makes you realize you aren't the only ones with your certain struggles or wishes for you child's future, hopes and dreams. 

Levi does this weird thing where he sticks his lower jaw out- like a bulldog. You can see it in this picture. He does it a million times a day and for long periods of time! Such a crazy kid- who would do that on purpose??

Jaxson and Ty- friends from Bridges Preschool

I was amazed Ty held his hand, smiled and said "cheese!" Just shows how influential friends are, even at such a young age, since he followed exactly what Jaxson did.

And of course, Levi couldn't resist the water. But no one fell in this time!!

Ty's #1 cheerleader :)

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