Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cheesy Smiles

You'd think by these pictures we were in the middle of winter!!

The other night the boys were cold after getting out of the bath (probably because Ty likes to turn the water to cold) and they wanted to wrap up in blankets as we read books. I will admit, it is getting a little cooler in the evenings though which is crazy! Summer is coming to an end. :( I'll always be a true Arizona girl and miss the warmth and the heat.

Oh and this is Heidi, the boy turtle. I have no idea where this kid gets his names. Heidi has been going to preschool everyday with Ty- suddenly it's his favorite thing.

Nighttime is never complete without a few kisses.

Chilly mornings and cheesy smiles.

The little mini boxes of cereal were on sale at Costco so I bought them to see if they'd help Ty eat breakfast in the mornings (lately all he drinks is milk and refuses to eat anything at all- we start Food Therapy next week!!) and this is what I walked into. Apparently yes, it was helping him eat and yes, I left them within little boy's reach.

How I found them watching a movie...

And more cheesy smiles....

My VT companion and I threw a baby shower for another lady we visit teach, Wendy. Britney has 3 boys as well so we had fun making everything so girly. Wendy is someone that I've really gotten to be good friends with over the past 2 years. Very quiet, shy, and semi- active- it's been such a great experience getting to know her better and helping her get to know others in the ward as well. At first no one showed up for the first 20 minutes and Britney and I were getting pretty nervous (for Wendy's sake) but we ended up having a great showing and lots of support for this sweet baby girl that is coming soon! 

Wendy's daughter, Alyssa, with Britney's youngest son, Max. I took Alyssa out one Saturday morning to get all the supplies for the shower and afterwards we got ice cream. You would've thought it was Christmas morning, she was so excited. It was really cute. :)

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