Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goin to the Zoo

Last week Ty didn't have preschool one day and we didn't have anything else going on so we had to celebrate!! We went to the zoo since I had an awesome coupon and Ginger, Parker and little Lawson came with us! Even though it was rainy and cold, baby Lawson did soooo good! He's so sweet and was such a trooper, tagging along with these older boys. Even though it was kinda cold, it actually was a perfect time to go to the zoo! It was practically empty and all the animals were out and about, super CLOSE up! It was awesome! I didn't get as many good pictures and I wanted to since these 3 boys are so hard to get pictures of while being excited and distracted by the animals.

Ty had to say there was only 1 rhino- but see how close it was??

All three boys sat and watched the sea lion show- it was so cute! Parker adores Ty and follows his every move, it's so cute. And yes, Levi likes to wear his hat like that. :)

This sweet baby boy is 6 weeks old! I'm so excited for Lawson and this new baby boy to be best buds.

Devin got a job on the 3rd floor at UVRMC! He's on the Progressive Care Unit, which is step down ICU. This is the floor I worked on for 3 years prior to ER. It's fun running up there on breaks to say hi or taking patients up to him. Soooo happy for him that he finally got a job and all seems to be working out pretty well.

How funny is this picture? I had about 30 minutes before I had to go pick up Ty from preschool so was grabbing a few things. Levi loves to ride on the bottom and seriously, Target carts are the smoothest ever. After a while I realized he was being very still and quiet and I looked down and he was out! People thought it was so funny. 
Poor Levi- this kid can fall asleep anywhere! His whole life we've been going here and there for all of Ty's interventions and preschool. Rarely are we ever home during nap time that I actually put him down in his bed and he wakes up in his bed!! Guess that comes with being the younger kid. He's such a trooper!

We are rearranging this room and putting the crib and baby's stuff downstairs and I walked into the room to find this- TJ using the little kid easel as a desk for his laptop. :) 

Driving away from Grandpa and Abuelita's house, we had a goodbye party :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday I took Ty to get his haircut at a real haircutting place because I wanted to see how he'd handle it.  Plus this kid's hair grows like weeds and he wears his hat all the time so he was looking pretty orphan like!
He used to not tolerate it at all and I haven't taken him to an actual place for about 2 years. We've just been shaving his head with the clippers while one of us holds him down- blah, not fun.
But this time he was very excited by the atmosphere and loved picking out a hippo to sit on while watching cartoons. He did awesome! No crying, no resistance at all! He's come such a long ways!! I was very proud of him for doing something so normal! ;)

He was also so proud of the balloon he got after for being so good- which is why he was soooo SAD when we got home and it popped on the grass!! I felt bad but guess it's just part of life. These tears were very sad tears- not meltdown tears :( Poor guy!! 

I thought these pictures were funny though showing such emotion! He kept using Heidi (the boy turtle) to wipe his tears away. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cheesy Smiles

You'd think by these pictures we were in the middle of winter!!

The other night the boys were cold after getting out of the bath (probably because Ty likes to turn the water to cold) and they wanted to wrap up in blankets as we read books. I will admit, it is getting a little cooler in the evenings though which is crazy! Summer is coming to an end. :( I'll always be a true Arizona girl and miss the warmth and the heat.

Oh and this is Heidi, the boy turtle. I have no idea where this kid gets his names. Heidi has been going to preschool everyday with Ty- suddenly it's his favorite thing.

Nighttime is never complete without a few kisses.

Chilly mornings and cheesy smiles.

The little mini boxes of cereal were on sale at Costco so I bought them to see if they'd help Ty eat breakfast in the mornings (lately all he drinks is milk and refuses to eat anything at all- we start Food Therapy next week!!) and this is what I walked into. Apparently yes, it was helping him eat and yes, I left them within little boy's reach.

How I found them watching a movie...

And more cheesy smiles....

My VT companion and I threw a baby shower for another lady we visit teach, Wendy. Britney has 3 boys as well so we had fun making everything so girly. Wendy is someone that I've really gotten to be good friends with over the past 2 years. Very quiet, shy, and semi- active- it's been such a great experience getting to know her better and helping her get to know others in the ward as well. At first no one showed up for the first 20 minutes and Britney and I were getting pretty nervous (for Wendy's sake) but we ended up having a great showing and lots of support for this sweet baby girl that is coming soon! 

Wendy's daughter, Alyssa, with Britney's youngest son, Max. I took Alyssa out one Saturday morning to get all the supplies for the shower and afterwards we got ice cream. You would've thought it was Christmas morning, she was so excited. It was really cute. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Healthy Baby!

Baby Boy's 20 week ultrasound went very well! I always get a little nervous before these because I'm always afraid there will be a kidney missing or an extra toe or something. But the dr. said he looked super healthy and about a week ahead of schedule. He's 14 oz, which is in the 80% percentile. 
He has a nice long femur bone and Dr. Bean said he'll probably be pretty tall! I thought that was interesting. 

My placenta is almost over the cervix which could be a problem. He said we'll have a repeat ultrasound at 32 weeks and if it's still covering it, we'll have another one at 36 weeks and if it's still there.... we'll schedule a C-section!! No!!!! But he's 99% sure it'll move since it appears to be starting to already and there's no good blood flow from placenta to cervix now. Fingers crossed!!

Baby Boy is upside-down on his head with his knees at his nose- so not comfortable!!! When I checked on the ER ultrasound machine at work last week he was in the same position so I guess he's comfy! In this pic you can see his foot by his nose. :)

The doctor said he's definitely still a boy! That's what the ultrasound tech said too a few weeks ago- definitely with no hesitation and the parts were all very obvious (unlike last time!!).

Showing more boy parts.

His cute little hands and feet were moving all over- this is a busy little boy.

Kinda a weird profile pic with his ear canal showing (the black circle) but you can still make out the sweet little profile of this little man.

Yay for intact spines! So perfect looking!

I just LOVE my OB office and staff. They all are wonderful and I've been so impressed with them in many ways. It's soooo much better than when we were in Provo. Everything is so high quality and professional. 

The doctor himself did the 20 week ultrasound- I was impressed by that! Dr. Bean was the one who did it and it was kinda neat because he was the doctor who I originally saw multiple times for my miscarriage and was the one who did my D&C. I haven't seen him since surgery day and so it was kinda a neat reunion in a sense. He's such a great doctor- so genuine and truly cares. He remembered me and knew I was preg but was truly excited to see me again with a healthy pregnancy and happy to report that all was well with this little baby during the ultrasound. I've known a lot of doctors- either by going to them or by working with them- and I can honestly say he's one of the very best with genuine bedside manner and professionalism. I think I've seen all of the doctors now and each one is awesome but Dr. Bean is truly an example of a doctor striving to provide high quality care and treating his patients with genuine kindness. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Lately

This boy is awesome. He continues to make progress and it's fun to have "conversations" with him- something we've never had before. :) He started up with speech therapy through the school district again since they don't do it during the summer when school is closed. He's with Mrs. Robinson at Grove Crest Elementary- she was amazed by his progress from last May! 
Lots of my friends are saying how it really should be called the terrible threes instead of twos but I think we are getting a little pay off right now for how tricky the terrible zeros, ones and twos were. :) He's a lot of fun to have around and just seems so happy and content with life right now. 

I'm enjoying this stage in our life- the calm before the newborn arrives. With working nights, it's pretty common after dropping Ty at preschool and it's just me and Lev at home, that Levi will entertain himself and I'll take a good, solid nap or rest in bed which feels wonderful!! You can only go so long on 2 hours of sleep. This pregnancy has been harder in the sense that with the other boys I only worked days. I usually hit 3 am and literally hit a wall and the nausea comes back. Driving home is a little dangerous sometimes!! I'm SO excited to go down to PRN status after this baby!!!

 I also have time to work on my own stuff and hobbies while the boys play together or just sit and read while we're at the playground. It's kind of nice having two "grown up" kids who are fairly independent, understand what you're saying and don't need to be supervised every second!! Often when TJ is working late or has school even later, we'll pile all the blankets into the living room with tons of pillows, pop popcorn and watch a movie together with a boy cuddling on each side of me- so fun! Last weekend we watched Mulan- they loved it. :)

But regardless of what I already said, I really am getting excited for a newborn again since it fells like I've had a long break (just compared to last time) and it's fun watching the boys get excited and randomly just come up and kiss my belly throughout the day. My friend and I checked on our little guys this weekend when it was slow at work on the ultrasound machine- so cute to see him move all over. What a miracle it really is. 

Ty can't pronounce Levi so he calls him "Vee-Lie"- pretty close just backwards! I find myself calling him V-Lie too and have to catch myself. :) 

What a tough life!

Over Labor Day weekend, we were wanting to go somewhere since we both had the three day weekend completely off but ended up having a stay-cation since TJ had a lot of homework. It was so fun! The best thing we did- besides having a date night and temple night- was went and saw Ephram's Rescue that was at the dollar theater. We didn't want to find a baby sitter so we went to the 8 pm showing, loaded up on drinks, popcorn and a candy with a boy on each lap. They drank their drink with Melatonin in it and very shortly after we had two sleeping kids snuggling on us while we watched our movie. It was awesome!!! Neither of us had to go out and afterwards a man commented on how they were the best little kids in a movie that he had ever seen!! Haha! We didn't mention that we drugged them and that was the reason why. :) 

The other day I was fixing dinner and couldn't find where I had set the block on cheese a minute ago. Then I saw this little guy on the couch munching away- haha!

TJ's professional picture from MBA school- his "glamor shot!" 

It's been about 3 weeks of school so far and whew!!! Not sure how we'll survive three years of this!!! No, it really is manageable and a good thing- it's just that we see each other even less than we did before. We usually have about 1-2 nights a week that we're both home in the evenings and eat together as a family. Someday when he's home every single night and no more school and I'm not working we'll think how weird it is! I look forward to that someday. I'm so used to putting the boys to bed, fixing dinner, cleaning up by myself that on the rare nights that he is home and we both do it it goes so fast and feels strange to have help!! I wish there was more I could do to help him since he has many late nights and very early mornings- on Tues and Thurs he leaves by 5:30 am and doesn't get home until midnight. He's doing so well and I'm so appreciative of the hard work he's putting in now that will pay off to us all later. 

Sunday afternoon naps at Abuelita's house.

We closed on the refiancing portion of our house that literally has taken all summer long to complete!! We're excited and are now looking for renters and potential lease to own owners for the next step! We'll see what happens! Our goal is to find someone and be moved by November 1st! 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Ty was so excited to make his "All About Me" Poster for preschool. Last year it was me making it for him so it was fun for him to care and get soooo excited for it. He couldn't wait for Dad to get home to show him. 

Parker had a little Monsters Inc. birthday party- funny boys!!

Parker got this cute drum set for his birthday- Levi had fun trying it out. 

Ty's recent drawings- not bad for a three year old!