Saturday, August 3, 2013


YAY for sticker charts and prizes for going potty!! That seems to be what our world revolves around here lately. 

Somebody filled up his potty chart with stickers for going potty..... which meant he got to go with dad to go see Turbo!! He was sooooo excited, jumping around and yelling, "Turbo! Turbo!!" I don't know why he liked that movie so much after seeing the previews a few times for it but it was enough motivation to avoid accidents!! 

Playing with glow sticks in the dark bathroom- one thing he chose from his potty prizes. 

The only thing poor Levi got was a hair cut. 

Off to see Turbo on their date!

And he fell asleep the last 10 minutes.... haha. 

Somehow this picture doesn't make me smile.... jk :)

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miriam said...

Father and son date how so so cute!!!