Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three's a Charm

Well, here he is! Baby Boy #3! I'm still in shock- I seriously knew it was a girl. I had no doubts in my mind and was even starting to buy girl things here and there- why do I always do that?? haha. Yesterday I had gotten to the point where I just needed to confirm it- either way, I would be fine with it but I just had to know for sure. These scanned ultrasound pics aren't that clear but there's NO question- 100% sure. I don't think I would say I was disappointed since I had been trying to plan on a boy the whole time and had gotten excited here and there about how fun it would be to have a bunch of boys together (as long as I eventually get a girl or two!!)- it was more of just complete surprise. And also contentment with finally knowing. :) I'm so OCD- Ty doesn't get his little quirks from no where! :)

So I'm grateful for this little buddy to come meet us all and join the craziness. One neat thing is that the ultrasound tech had 3 boys and was pregnant with a surprise baby- a little girl! She kept talking about how much she loves having her three boys together and how much the older two boys take care of the younger one- it was definitely what I needed to hear and made me excited.  

It was also a relief because you could tell- for the most part- it was a healthy little baby too. Head, spine, heart, extremities- all looked good. When it all really comes down to it, it doesn't really matter the gender- we (myself included) make too big of deal of the gender and sometimes take for granted the blessing of a healthy little baby. 

Now to come up with a boys name.... of course, I have a million girl names.... :)

I'm also excited to see what this little boy looks like. Ty and Levi are soooo different looking- opposites, really. I just can't imagine what another little boy would look like- totally different or a Ty version or Levi version? 

This makes for grandbaby #10 on the Hendriksen side and.... grandSON #10!! On the Wengert side, this will be grandbaby #4 and.... grandSON #4 as well! We will have to keep wondering when that first little girl will come! I at least need a niece if I don't ever get a daughter! :)

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