Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teej's Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated TJ's birthday with Devin and Teddi by going to the Brad Paisley concert at USANA Amphitheater. Since TJ works at USANA Health Sciences (the sponsoring company), we got free tickets! It was awesome and a lot of fun-even if Teej and I showed our old age by leaving early to escape the long traffic and smoking people everywhere! TJ and I went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings before and got ice cream after- it was so nice just to hang out and be with the birthday boy! Here's to 29 Teej!! This guy is awesome- I couldn't have married any better and am so grateful for him daily (especially when I'm preg- he is amazing and so good to me and our boys!). Love him!

I think this is the first preg picture I've seen of myself.... man, this is going to be a long one if we're only at 14 weeks in this one! It's absolutely mind boggling how much bigger I am this time around. It's like my uterus just popped right out as soon as it realized a tiny blob was in there. I've had a belly since week 7 and have already gained 10 lbs. But oh well, whatever. We're excited for this little one to come and my friends and I peeked at work last night a few times but still couldn't see completely clear between the legs!! :) We're very anxious to know even though I am planning on another boy (even though this pregnancy has been waaay different than with my boys- I'm trying not to read into it or be too hopeful!). We shall see! Either way is awesome.

Aren't they the cutest couple?? 

Also- these guys just announced a little one will be coming their way next year!! SOOO exciting! That means me, Devin and Dallin will have kids all within a few weeks of each other- LOVE it!

The special effects were awesome! It was a really great concert and I think Brad Paisley is such a fun guy- so entertaining and great songs. 

The boys liked coloring lots of pictures for Dad.

Speaking of age though.... we are really feeling our age now since this was our most recent purchase. 
We succumbed and sold our wonderful Xterra for this- the mini van. As much as I needed to deal with the issue of being a real soccer mom in a mini van, we actually LOVE it! Connivence definitely wins over image. It drives amazing and has so many kid friendly features- we are so glad we got it and it hasn't even been a week yet! Thanks to the awesome Facebook poll- it definitely changed our minds and was a great choice! Maybe someday I'll have a fancy SUV along with nice couches and carpet. :)

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Jen Perkins said...

I know several moms who LOVE their minivan...so I'm glad you found one you love! And your teeny tiny baby bump is adorable.