Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Last week I helped with a yard sale and my boys had so much fun with the Weight kids! Thomas was the best baby sitter and these guys loved being pulled around all morning. Obviously Ty enjoyed it since he was king of it all and got the best spot.

Ty has this thing about wearing his stickers that I bring home from the ER on his legs. They are great potty box motivation but he'll leave them on for as long as I'll let him- for days if he could. These last ones were on so long the adhesive won't come off and he looks like his legs are diseased. I'm still scrubbing the remaining spots of it off every night. Such weird kids with Ty's sticker obsession and Levi's DVD carrying!! :)

Levi REALLY wanted me to buy this One Direction backpack from Kohls. Sorry kiddo.

Our first encounter with coloring on the things other than paper, dang it. I didn't want to freak out on them but not sure I was stern enough to get the message across that this is bad. Guess we'll see if they do it again. We keep saying over and over that "Coloring is only for.... paper!!" Luckily it was all washable and came off easy and none on the actual walls.

But he did redeem himself in my eyes today- while we were driving home from the splash pad we were approaching the Timpanogos Temple. We were still kind of a ways away from it when Ty yelled out, "Temple!!" I was so surprised!! I know that doesn't seem like much but for this kid it's huge! Maybe all the screaming and crying during scripture study, family prayers, and FHE is paying off a little.... :)

We went to the Splash Pad with Parker today- last time doing something with just one Smith cousin!! Ginger is set for her induction on FRIDAY!! We are so excited for this baby boy to come!! I should've taken a picture of how adorable Ginger looks 9 months preg- definitely no fair.

How hilarious is this kid?? He had to wear Levi's goggles- I can't decide if he looks like an adorable Quasimodo or a left-sided stroke patient more??

These two had so much fun playing together- it's so fun to watch! I just wish Levi would gain weight- he gets so cold so quick and so easy even with it being 90 degrees outside!!! It's crazy!

Levi- 2 years old

Fitting 3 kids in a double stroller- oh yeah!!

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