Friday, August 16, 2013

Lawson Hendrik Smith

We got to meet grandson #9 today- Lawson Hendrik Smith. Hendriksen is Ginger's maiden name and they shortened it to name him after her dad and that side of the family- I think it's so cute cause it has such meaning!! 
This little guy came in quite the rush- the day before Ginger was supposed to be induced!! From start to finish he came in about 5 hours and only 1 hour after arriving at the hospital!! We were all quite surprised but so glad he's here safe and sound. He looks so much different from Parker and I'm excited for my little guy to come since I know these two will be best buds. 

Today was so good for me to see- watching my two boys love on this little baby made me sooo excited for ours to come- regardless of the gender. :) They were so good with him!! And especially Levi!! I'm over not having a girl, really, but today just really solidified it. A healthy baby is truly such a miracle. And another sweet baby boy!! Wow! Thinking about what he'll look like- especially since my two are totally different- is fun for me and exciting. Will he be more like Ty or Levi or a whole different look??

But it's so funny to watch how involved Levi likes to be with the baby. When he started crying, Ty ran away from him but Levi patted him on the leg and tried to give him his pacifier while kissing him. He wanted to hold him and was just so cute with him. 

But after a while they were both distracted by trying to make the bed move up and down. 

Ty was excited to show the baby the pictures he colored for him- even though he insisted on printing off the Baby Girl one he saw on the computer. 

He weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz and was born at 1:54 pm on 8/15/13.

The new big brother!! 
Parker was so sweet to him and loving. It was so fun to have Parker all day today- our three boys just LOVE each other so much. Him and Levi would dance and laugh at Cafe Rio, burp in the car and say, "Excuse me!" and laugh so hard, and he'd call me "Mommy" all day long- it was so funny! He's such a sweet and easy kid to have around, so polite and obedient. 

I truly believe the best gift you can ever give your child is a sibling. If you think about it, it's the longest lasting relationship you'll ever have in this life :)

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