Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Pics

When I found out I was pregnant this summer, I knew I wanted to get family pictures done before I got big and fat. So I found a good deal on groupon and got them done and over with. 

Even though we got a few with the boys smiling pretty cute, it took an arm and a leg to get these. You have no idea. Ty- for some reason- did not want to take pictures AT ALL. He wasn't just crying or grumpy but a full on tantrum. Levi looked at Ty and thought that pictures must be dumb and wouldn't smile and was hard to get to cooperate as well. The poor photographer- he was doing EVERYTHING he could think of to get them to smile and just sit there. Finally after putting rocks on his head and having them fall off onto his nose, he got a smile and laugh from both. So he proceeded to continue to do that the entire time- poor guy was sweating by the time we were done. But... it was worth it!!! 

We weren't able to get any good ones of the boys together or separate. But that was okay. I was totally willing to take what I could get!

We only got a few good ones of all of us smiling so I cropped a few where just 2 of us were looking good, just to have. 

This little guy can now say his full name- Ty Hendriksen!

The one and only attempt of getting one of the boys together...


One of Levi's buddies, Beckham, can't say his name. He calls him Lehi, Nephi instead of Levi- haha! Lehi, Levi- close enough!

As soon as we were done, the boys were happy and smiling and running around the park. I was so MAD at these boys but finally just had to laugh. 

Levi's giant bruise on his forehead is photoshopped out in every picture. He got that the day before- of course. Doesn't that always happen?