Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip to Visit Dallin

This past weekend I took a trip to visit Dallin at his inpatient neuro rehab at Barrows Neurological Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. I actually worked there in nursing school and it's the same place that Janae had her brain surgery back in January 2010 so it brought back a lot of memories being there. 
For some reason I felt very strongly about visiting him and was able to find a cheap flight- everything just fell into place. Ruth watched the boys on Friday and Monday and TJ had them over the weekend so it worked out great. However, on the way home my flight was delayed for 4 hours while they had us sitting on the plane just waiting and finally unloaded us- it was ridiculous and very frustrating. But I finally made it home at 5 pm and I had to work at 6 pm so I was sad to leave my boys again after being home so short. But it was worth it. I loved seeing where Dallin was, participating in his therapies and get a glimpse of their current life and visually see his progress- which is HUGE! Still a ways to go but definitely the old Dallin is on his way back. Usually when he gets tired, the confusion gets worse.
We played games, played the piano, took walks, ate good food and mostly just hung out. I loved it. You appreciate the little things in life so much with these types of situations. 
Two of my old roommates, Mel and Jen, helped me so much since they lived close. They rolled out the red carpet for me and were just so good to me. It was fun to see their kids since it had been a while- made me wish I had brought mine so they could all play! 
We had some visitors, one of them being Cece, one of Dallin's good friends from high school. He even took her to prom one year. Tragically, she got into a car accident on the road in front of the high school and suffered a TBI two months before their graduation in 2008. She's come a long way and still isn't completely her old self but definitely a big inspiration to us. Dallin spent a lot of time at her bedside and has supported her all these years. It's neat to see the reversal of it and their friendship grow stronger with everything they have in common now. 

Again, it was a great trip and even though I missed my babies (my first time completely away from them both for days) it was so great. I'm so proud of Dallin and have high hopes for the future. 

Shawn-7, Elsie- 6 mo., Owen- 3, Sophie- 5, Savannah- 3

The roommies! LOVE these girls!!!

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