Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NOT my favorite thing

This past week we have been.... POTTY TRAINING. 
All I can say is that this is definitely NOT my favorite thing about parenting. Ty's face is basically how I feel about it too.

This is attempt #3 with child but I can honestly say.... it hasn't been that bad!! I'm actually shocked that it's much easier than I expected this time. I attribute it all to the one thing that people have been telling me over and over- wait until they are ready. Well, I can totally say that has made all the difference in the world and it's TRUE! We attempted last Sept. and Oct and we failed miserably. But this time it's clicked and we're doing it!! We still have accidents of course, and by no means are we attempting to be dry at night but this is HUGE for us and I think I can officially say that after two straight years of having 2 in diapers..... we are down to ONE! And it feels awesome. 

The super motivating factor for this guy has been his "potty box" where he gets a prize for going in the potty and a sticker chart. That's made a huge difference. I'm also so grateful for all his teachers at preschool who took on this undertaking with me. I had a meeting with them, we set up a game plan, and off we went!! They were so optimistic and happy to do it that it gave me the much needed hope and determination that we could accomplish it. I was talking to another mom at Ty's school and so often we assume the worse with these guys but it's so rewarding when they surprise us by taking to something easier than we expected them too. Go Ty Ty! 

Last week we went to the zoo- the boys were so excited and especially Ty. He kept singing in the car, "See the animals, see the animals!" It was 78 degrees out and Pioneer Day so not busy at all. I kept thinking of all my AZ friends who would die for that weather in the end of July. :) 

Ty disappeared for a second and then came back and said, "Come see mommy!" I looked over and he had put his hat on the otter statue and put his zoo ticket that he had been holding onto in his hand- he thought it was hilarious!! I tried to catch a good picture of it but he was too excited and laughing and moving too much. 

All the animals were out and about- it was such a great zoo day! The boys were afraid to get closer because the glass was so clear- Levi figured it out but Ty was still scared. 

Nice outfit boys! They chose them.... Levi had to wear his "Parka shirt"- the shirt that looks like one that cousin Parker wears. :)

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