Saturday, July 6, 2013

Levi's Birthday Party

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi!

Since TJ had to go to Colombia for 3 weeks for work, we celebrated Levi's birthday 2 days early on Friday July 5. We went and saw Monsters University then went to the Alpine Splash Pad for cake, presents, playing in the water and on the playground. Parker got to come too with Ginger and Curtiss. Levi LOVED it!! Although this serious kid was too absorbed in his birthday cake for me to get any good pics of him smiling. I made the cake before hand and brought it into the movie theater so it wouldn't melt in the car.... well, it still melted. I salvaged it a bit but still looks a little rough!

I can't describe how grateful I am that Heavenly Father sent this little surprise to us when he did. Looking back now I can already see how it was perfect timing, even if it wasn't the easiest initially. He brings so much joy to us and is the perfect companion to Ty in every way- just the exact opposite! So calm, chill, easy-going and sweet. He loves his momma still- a little too much at times- and is starting to talk a lot. You can usually see him holding some sort of DVD case. His current love is Finding Nemo but also loves Ralph, Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and most other Disney movies/shows. He is such a great little eater even if he still is a little shrimp, especially next to Parker! His asthma has been well under control this year so far without any problems. The tubes in his ears that were placed a year ago have worked perfectly without a single ear infection since. He sleeps well in his crib and likes to wear Ty's underwear over his diapers. He is just a sweet, kind little boy even if he gives the funniest scowl you've ever seen. We love you, Levi!

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